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    Application of wind loads

    Ok. Flaunting my ignorance for all to see here. Reviewing wind loads, and it DOES look something like this (Thank you @NikR_PE): and have a question about the application of the design wind pressures. Examples show that the design wind pressure on the windward wall is a uniform pressure...
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    Exam week

    Good luck to everyone taking the exam this week!!! Pro-Tip: If you are lugging in one of those big binder type codes (AASHTO, etc.) move the index to the FRONT of the binder. Makes it easier to access. Once again - knock it out of the park folks!
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    All-in-One Structural Engineering SE book

    Has anyone else used this book to prepare for the exam? I am finding numerous typos in the solutions (some of which effect the answer) and find that some solutions are not consistent with solutions found in other manuals. (Diaphragm rigidity). Any one else have issues with this book?
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    NCEES (2017) Lateral Problem 118

    Good afternoon. Building question here. The solution for Problem 118 refers to a 50% reduction in Grid 1. Does this 50% reduction really apply to Grid A? If the OMF along Grid 1 fails, that is a 33% reduction in the resistance in the N-S direction. The way I understand it is that if there...
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    Structural steel in AM (Lateral)

    Going back in April to re-take the lateral exam. Big weakness was structural steel. As a bridge person, I am admittedly not well versed in the nuances of the AISC Seismic Design Manual. Does anyone have a recommendation for a source for practice problems beyond the Practice Exam. Thank you.
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    Friendly reminder

    Registration for the April Edition of the semi-annual torture cycle opens today at 10 AM EST. Registration is open through March 4th at 3 PM EST.
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    SE Practice Exam Problem Questions

    Good morning - Full disclosure - I practice in the bridge field, so I am re-acquainting myself with some of the provisions of AISC. Forgive me if these seem 'basic', but rest assured that, if successful, I have no intention of dabbling in the "dark arts" of the building realm... 1. I was...