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  1. Ijoinedbecausecovid

    Best place to do Continued Education PDHs (ME, Florida)?

    Hello my fellow PEs, Anyone know the best/cost-effective place to get PDHs as an ME in Florida? Thanks my dudes!
  2. Ijoinedbecausecovid

    For sale on ebay: PE Exam - Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual, 14th Edition, CBT Ready

    In May I passed the ME PE MDM using this latest edition of the MERM. I found the MERM to be very helpful to study. I bought it brand new straight from PPI2PASS. I almost never opened it because I used the digital version. The link below is my eBay listing. If you prefer to purchase some other...
  3. Ijoinedbecausecovid

    Gas Specific Heat: When to use Cv versus Cp

    How do you know when to use Cv vs. Cp? I read the below and it makes complete sense to me, but if I'm given an air flow heater problem how do I know if the system is at fixed volume or fixed pressure? "Cv for a gas is the change in internal energy (U) of a  system with respect to change in...
  4. Ijoinedbecausecovid

    All CBT Tests Delayed until at least April 16

    *sobbing uncontrollably* Probably will be delayed longer than this which suuuccckkkkkksssss
  5. Ijoinedbecausecovid

    COVID19 and CBT Tests thru PearsonVUE

    Hey all, I had a mild  major panic attack when I saw the news about the April 2020 pencil and paper exams being cancelled. I'm taking the PE ME Machine Design and Materials test on April 6, which luckily this year is a CBT. At the moment it is not cancelled. The NCEES website says to refer the...