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    Everything you wanted to know about the CA-Survey/Seismic Civil PE Exams

    hm, do you work there? i am sorry if I offended you, sir. thanks for the clarification. still does not ease my frustration but that is okay. anyhow, thank you for offering to look into my application but i received a reply from frazier that it will be another 3 or so months. unless you can...
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    Everything you wanted to know about the CA-Survey/Seismic Civil PE Exams

    yes. called adn was told that there is only 1 evaluator. also received email with generic response contradicting the phone response... someone is not telling the truth. they cannot even collaborate the responses... =/ no urgency on their part at all. zero! take our money and sit on it...
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    Everything you wanted to know about the CA-Survey/Seismic Civil PE Exams

    same here... one person reviewing hundreds of applications? what a friggin clown show the Board is! a 1 year turnaround is ridiculous and unacceptable! outsource the work! bring in temps! we should all show up at the board meeting and complain. Edit: i just filed a complaint with the...
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    i try to not rant but the more i hear these stories, i cannot help it. the CA Board is horrible! California State is ridiculous! at least they're consistent from the top down.... 😑 a bunch of old hags collecting paychecks and doing absolutely nothing. they meet every month to talk but...
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    CA Specific Seismic and Survey Exam

    i second that idea! even if it is temporary until the review process can be significantly reduced. any plan of action and out of the box ideas sound good to me right now.
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    CA Specific Seismic and Survey Exam

    thanks for the information. good to hear that the board is considering additional resources to help with the high volume! i am going to take it that you have the inside scoop on the matter. more applications mean more $$ to bring in the needed support to meet the demand. i wish i could...
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    CA Specific Seismic and Survey Exam

    thank you sir! i hope so as well. but this is hardly an "abnormally huge volume". seems like it is the norm. base on what I've been reading on this board and others, the wait is looong and have been this way for quite sometime, more so in CA. why not bring in more resources to help with...
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    Everything you wanted to know about the CA-Survey/Seismic Civil PE Exams

    Thanks for the heads up. Similar situation as you. Because of what you just said, I went ahead and submitted transcripts again. I am not giving them any excuse to push out my application.
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    CA Specific Seismic and Survey Exam

    what the heck! why are they so friggin slow!? at this rate, I won'tl be sitting for the exam until 2023... =*(
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    PE recommended material

    Sent you a PM. 
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    How did it go?

    Yep. I could have prepared for this thing a year in advance, taken two prep courses, do and understand all the sample exams available, and still feel the same way because the questions are so sprawled out across the spectrum and the way it is asked doubles the hard. Having said that, it was an...
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    Northern Californians taking PE review course for April Electrical Exam?

    I am just curious to see the numbers.
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    Just got approval for PE exam

    good luck sir :beat:
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    Review courses offered in Northern California

    are you referring to civil or ee? my guess is that you are talking about the civil review classes. funny how you civils post on the ee forum. oh and is S.E. your real initials or did you just sign S.E. as short for your username. you're funny. :huh:
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    Passed, Pay Raise?

    good reasoning. I agree totally. Its real simple, you want changes? make it happen, do not wait for it to come and get piss later when it never comes. Seeking new employment is nothing new. If you can find something better. take it. ""My point: look at the whole picture before you trash...
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    Job Prospect for Engineers with PE????

    There is only one reason that there is a need for a PE... that is to stamp plans that require permitting. No other reasons.
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    Review courses offered in Northern California

    Your discipline says Civil but you posted in the electrical forum. Where in Cali are you? North, south...? If you're a civil, and in Norcal, PPI has a good program for civils. As for electrical, PPI is eh... ok. They may be more structured than a year or two ago. Good luck.
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    California Refile Applications

    Thats ok sir. I no longer need it. Thank you though. :wanker:
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    California Refile Applications

    Be glad they havent increased the fee like everything else in this state. :Banane35:
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    Industrial vs. Mechanical

    Get both licenses!