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  1. mudpuppy

    Ohio State Trademarking the Word "The" :rolleyes:
  2. mudpuppy

    Happy B-day TJ!

    Spend the day planning your next trip!
  3. mudpuppy

    Determining Bridge Clearance?

    Asking for Mrs. mudpuppy....  how do you determine the minimum clearance of a bridge above a navigable waterway?  She says some of the waterways have a published height by the Coast Guard, but the one she's working with does not. As an EE I'm totally lost here.
  4. mudpuppy

    Flint Water -- PE License

    I found this interesting.  One of the university researchers who blew the lid off the Flint water coverup is trying to get the PE license revoked of another university researcher  here in Michigan.
  5. mudpuppy

    Fudgey's Sister?
  6. mudpuppy

    Snow Removal

    I'm working on buying a house, and it has a 550' driveway.  If we end up in this house one of my early concerns is going to be how to clear snow off the drive.  I see a few options: 1.  There's a neighbor that owns a lawn care/snow plow business.  I could hire him to plow, but don't know the...
  7. mudpuppy

    Happy Birthday Fearless Leader

    I got engaged a year ago today, which means today must be Road Guy's birthday! Have a good one, just imagine you're out on the slopes today.
  8. mudpuppy

    Mortgage Providers

    I may be in the market soon for one of those giant tax deductions (mortgage, not children!).  It's been 14 years since I got a mortgage.  I seem to hear bad things about banks, so I got my last mortgage at a local credit union and I've had a very good experience with them.  However, their rates...
  9. mudpuppy

    Poop. You're doing it wrong!
  10. mudpuppy

    Name that fart

    We've been lacking potty humor lately so let's try this: Describe your farts using only a movie title. I'll go first: Backdraft
  11. mudpuppy

    What is your risk literacy

    This is an academic project studying how people interpret risk, especially associated with medical and/or financial decisions, but it also gauges your ability to catch manipulation in political or other statistics. I found it pretty interesting. Find the test and more information at...
  12. mudpuppy

    Don't Let the Smoke Out (The Sparkies' Corner)

    I know there are a bunch of us EE/Power folks here. I'll start the introductions. Thirteen years at a medium-sized electric utility in the midwest. Twelve of those in system protection, primarily specifying protection system designs and calculating relay settings for 46 kV to 345 kV systems...
  13. mudpuppy

    New GM CEO is an Engineer

    Good to see an engineer made CEO of GM. Will be interesting to see if she keeps their recovery on track. My company historically has had engineer CEOs until the last one was appointed. Things have changed a lot...
  14. mudpuppy

    Which State Matches your Personality?

    Take the test: Apparently I belong in Montana!
  15. mudpuppy

    Post Office Ends Saturday Delivery

    It's been a long time coming. I hardly get anything but junk mail and bills anyway. I don't need to receive those on Saturdays.
  16. mudpuppy

    Ideas for Topics for Engineers Week Meeting

    I've been tasked with setting up the engineer's week meeting of my local chapter of the Michigan Society of Professional Engineers. I have a couple ideas for speakers but I'd love to hear what other engineers would like to hear about. Any thoughts? Topics for recent meetings have been the...
  17. mudpuppy

    Targeted Advertising to the Max No more sex in front of the TV!
  18. mudpuppy

    Engineer Boards First Ever Convention 2013

    The idea of an convention has been tossed about for a while, and recently there has been some serious talk about it in the Supporting Members forum (you really should come join the cool kids over there). So the idea is, a bunch of us get together, chat, some people present...
  19. mudpuppy

    Bike to Work Day

    Tomorrow is National Bike to Work Day. Will anyone be joining me? For me it's 4 miles each way, not all that far but just enough to get me energizied and awake for the work day. Plus it helps get my exercise in without having to schedule extra time for it, since it takes 10 minutes to drive...
  20. mudpuppy

    Incandesent Light Bulbs

    So the phase-out of incandesent light bulbs begins on Sunday. Article here. My beef with this is, fluorescents do not work in cold weather. So what am I supposed to replace my outdoor lights with? Anyone looked into this? Any thoughts? I can't imagine no one has thought about this yet.