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  1. cdcengineer

    NFL 2015

    Even if Kroenke owned the Broncos they would never leave Denver.  No matter what all the other pro teams in Colorado do, they'll never be more important to Colorado sports fans.  The Avs won the cup twice and you can buy cheap tix to any game there.  But I have never seen cheap football tix...
  2. cdcengineer

    NFL 2015

    That loss in Miami looks big right now.  Brady hasn't faired well in Denver over the years.  But it's tough to beat the same team twice in the same year.  Although both teams look different than they did at the end of November.  We'll see who represents the AFC.  Let's hope for an injury free...
  3. cdcengineer

    NFL 2015

    I was at the Pats / Broncos game.  It was a great game.   Disclaimer: I'm a Pats fan - The calls bringing the ball back twice on 3rd down in the 4th qtr looked questionable.  But it comes down to more than a couple of calls.  The Broncos were able to keep it close, and when the Pats muffed that...
  4. cdcengineer

    NFL 2015

    Such salty comments from the peanut gallery. NFL had no proof. Goodell will most likely be gone after this year. Brady beat the Sea Hawks after trailing by 10 in the 4th quarter. He is one of the GOAT. Justice is served.
  5. cdcengineer

    MEP Electrical Fees

    What did you estimate the architects fee to be?
  6. cdcengineer

    So why do I spend countless hours helping others prepare for the PE exam?

    Black pencils this time. ooooooohhhh. Nice
  7. cdcengineer

    For real, this is a true piece of advice you need!

    I am annoyed by the person that must always respond with a thanks or some other non pertinent blurb.
  8. cdcengineer

    The VTEnviro Memorial 73.4k

    Keep up the spamming
  9. cdcengineer


    Damn! That's brutal news. He will be missed. RIP VT
  10. cdcengineer

    ~~**-- The Weather Thread --**~~

    50 degrees here in Breck the past two days. WE return to snow tomorrow.
  11. cdcengineer

    Loss at Volkswagen plant upends union's plan for U.S. South

    Unless you have worked for a union or been directly involved with them, it may be unfair to say that they are passe.
  12. cdcengineer

    ~~**-- The Weather Thread --**~~

    Had to shovel the roof this past Saturday as the warm temps following tons of snow had me worried. It wasn't getting below freezing even without the sun shining. That usually doesn't happen in February up here at 10k above sea level. At least it's been warm and sunny for the past two days...
  13. cdcengineer

    Jeter to retire after 2014 season

    I'm a sox fan, but you gotta give credit where it's due. Jeter has been a solid contributor for a long time. It's class acts like him that promote the game of baseball. A-rod on the other hand is a shit-bum.
  14. cdcengineer

    ~~**-- The Weather Thread --**~~

    We've had 15' of snow since January 1st. The skiing has been amazing, but it might be getting to be time to shovel the roof. Might need to get that done before we leave for Ft. Meyers next week. Will miss the great skiing, but it'll be nice to not have to shovel for a bit.
  15. cdcengineer


    I wish Wilson had started yelling Omaha!!!
  16. cdcengineer


    Looks like we'll have 6 more of winter, Punxsutawney Peyton saw his shadow!!!
  17. cdcengineer

    Things that are better than they used to be

    What if two 59's hit each other? Might be different outcome.
  18. cdcengineer

    Things that are better than they used to be

    Internet porn. There's an improvement
  19. cdcengineer


    I can't stand to see a gimmick NFC offense win the Superbowl, but I'd rather see that than Manning winning it.
  20. cdcengineer


    It will be. This is the biggest day for Denver since 98'. The mountains are crowded with Euros and folks from Mexico city's vacation, but they're on the slopes at Breck, not I70. Go Pats!!!