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  1. MetsFan

    Heat generated by concrete?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to find a reference to determine the heat generated by 1 cubic yard of curing concrete.  I just need an estimate for my cooling loads, but I can't seem to find anything online.  Anybody have an idea of where to look? Thanks!
  2. MetsFan

    RIP Sir Roger Moore

    I'm a bit late on this, but RIP Sir Roger Moore.  He was the first James Bond I knew. I found this great story on him...
  3. MetsFan


    What do you guys use for a wallet?  I've had a Coach front pocket wallet I've used for the past 10 years, but the leather is starting to wear at the clip so I'm looking for a replacement.  I was going to get another Coach wallet, but I don't want to spend $90 on one and I haven't had a chance to...
  4. MetsFan

    Ultra low temperature lighting

    Does anyone know of any LED lighting that can be used at -50°C?  It seems most manufacturers only test down to -40°C.  We are currently using incandescent bulbs in our application, but the heat and electrical loads are pretty large.  I'm sure somebody in Alaska has used some for outdoor lighting...
  5. MetsFan

    How do you sign off your email?

    I usually go with "thank you" but it seems silly when there's nothing to thank them for, like when I send them a file they asked me for.  
  6. MetsFan

    Crane falls in NYC

    Man, I can't even imagine... RIP to the poor soul sitting in his car.
  7. MetsFan

    RIP Alan Rickman
  8. MetsFan

    Countdown to Captain America 3

    Batman and Superman have their own thread, so here's Cap...
  9. MetsFan

    Fan motor circuit

    Hi all, I am using a self contained HVAC system, but I want to control the fan separately. The unit comes with a remote control that provides two fan speeds, so I want to be able to power and control the speed of the fan. The fan motor shows the wiring diagram below: Sorry for the blurry...
  10. MetsFan

    RIP Real Life Batman

    This is a sad story. I remember seeing the news about him a year or so ago and admired what he was doing for the sick kids. RIP
  11. MetsFan

    RIP Satoru Iwata

    Man, he was still young. I will miss his Nintendo Directs... RIP Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Dies At 55
  12. MetsFan

    Mechanical / Refrigeration Engineer

    Project Engineer -- Environmental Rooms with temperature and humidity controls Harris Environmental Systems, Inc. is established Specialty Mechanical / Refrigeration contracting firm located in Andover, MA specializing in turn-key design, engineering and construction of Temperature and Humidity...
  13. MetsFan

    Pizza delivery man has to deal with jerks at used car dealership

    These guys are a piece of work. The best part is the guy at the end who says he has it all on video, audio, etc. Here's another link to the story...
  14. MetsFan

    Silence button with timer

    Hey guys, please bear with me since I'm an ME trying to figure out circuits. I'm working on a control panel with a 24V alarm buzzer. The alarm buzzer needs to be silenced for 5-10 minutes at the press of a momentary switch. I looked into time delay relays, but it looks like those are opposite...
  15. MetsFan

    LED lighting for high temperature conditions?

    I am working on a test chamber where the temperature will range between -4 deg. F and 176 deg. F. I am having trouble finding an LED troffer that will work in these conditions. Has anybody come across any LED lighting that might work in this room? Thanks
  16. MetsFan

    Site contains malware?

    I'm getting an error message on chrome that says the site contains malware. Aside from NJ's picture, is the site safe?
  17. MetsFan

    Finance anyone?

    I've been trying to get my family's finances in order for a couple of years now. Now with a second child on the way, I think it's definitely time to get it all straightened out - college savings! Do you guys handle it all yourselves or do you have an adviser help you out with that sort of...
  18. MetsFan

    Jeopardy contestant "shaking things up"

    I don't get all the hate he's getting, unwritten rules my a$$.
  19. MetsFan

    What is your calculator of choice?

    I thought I would keep using the FX-115 after the PE since I had spent so much time with it, but I ended up going back to the trusty TI-83 I've had since 1995. I only use it for basic problems, but I like that I can see the last few inputs on the screen. What's yours?
  20. MetsFan

    MERM $99 on ppi2pass

    It looks like there might be a new edition coming out soon because the 12th edition is down to $99 on ppi2pass. I picked one up myself since I had borrowed one for the exam. Hope this helps all you October test takers. Good luck to you guys taking it next week!! You are so close... edit...