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  1. Stewie

    Did Not Pass looking at AEI SE Class, but have questions

    Take AEI, Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Zayati are the best. 1. AEI's handout binders for SE exam are much better than the PE structural reference manual for SE exam. 2. We do not discuss exam questions, please. 3. If you indeed follow the course of AEI, attend the classes, and finish the problems &...
  2. Stewie

    Ethics- Looking for opinion if anyone has been in this situation?

    Better not to avoid any potential legal issues.
  3. Stewie

    Is $200 raise for software developer good?

    I thought this forum is purely for the poor civil engineers. I am glad to see someone from the highest-paid job to visit us. From what I heard, usually software developer's starting salary is $150,000 plus. You may want to change jobs.
  4. Stewie

    April 2022 CA Seismic Exam

    EET (AEI now?) is the best.
  5. Stewie

    April 2022 CA Seismic Exam

  6. Stewie

    Is the citizenship required for PE

    Read the laws and rules of the state licensure board~~~ But as far as I know, as long as you have a legal status (H1, O1, L1, GC, or citizenship), you passed the NCEES PE exam and the licensure board approves your PE application, you will become a PE.
  7. Stewie

    PE Seal & Stamp

    Wow, I see now why ppl has concerns over the electronic seal!
  8. Stewie

    PE Civil CBT 2022

    NCEES, refund the money I spent on those codes, please. LOL
  9. Stewie

    Hello from California

    Waving and smiling.:)
  10. Stewie

    PE Seal & Stamp

    Why did he refuse? Is he afraid someone may steal the electronic copy of his seal?
  11. Stewie

    PE Civil CBT 2022

    So the codes and manuals are provided as electronic copies?
  12. Stewie

    Just passed PE-ChE so relieved!

  13. Stewie

    PE Seal & Stamp

    Both pelican and bear were obtained. Love'em. XD
  14. Stewie

    Best Prep Course for the SE

    AEI!!! Very very helpful course.
  15. Stewie

    Facebook Group for SE Exam (Buildings)

    Anyone please make a FB group for SE (Bridge)?
  16. Stewie

    Ideas for PDH Requirement of Illinois SE

    I will send the question to the board as well. See what their opinion is. But probably they will just guide me to the rule itself.
  17. Stewie

    Ideas for PDH Requirement of Illinois SE

    So a live webinar can be considered as a non-self-administered course, am I right? Or it has to be in-person meeting/course/conference?