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  1. envirotex

    Engineering Education I guess the first response would be that's why internships in engineering are so important.  However, I find this discussion really interesting. How has the education of engineers changed with time? I know lots of "old-timers" (now mostly...
  2. envirotex

    Happy Birthday, Slacker...

    I know you probably won't read this, but Happy Birthday, anyway. Tomorrow, I'll have a PB&J for lunch in your honor.
  3. envirotex

    Scotch Ramen should be here...

    Ok...I can remember a couple of meals pretty close to these growing up, and when I was in college.
  4. envirotex

    Double Stamp

    Has anybody ever double stamped anything? For example, if you are licensed in two different branches of engineering, do you stamp twice?. In Texas, the stamp just says "Licensed Professional Engineer." Does your stamp have the discipline on it? If you are licensed in more than one profession...
  5. envirotex

    Real Guitar Heroes

    So reading the Kurt Cobain thread made me think of all of the really awesome guitar (and bass) players I have seen in person...These are the ones I could think of for right now. Stevie Ray Vaughan Slash Robbie Kreiger Bonnie Raitt Ian Moore Kenny Wayne Shepherd John Mayer Flea Mike...
  6. envirotex

    April 2014 Exam

    The exam is on Friday...Best of luck to all of the enviros taking the exam! How's everyone doing out there? Feeling confident, or not so much?
  7. envirotex

    The Iditarod

    Some things are still just really cool.
  8. envirotex

    Search Engines

    I just found out about Duck Duck Go...a search engine that let's you search anonymously and doesn't store any of your info...the anti-Google. Does anyone else use "alternative" search engines? If so what are they?
  9. envirotex

    America's Finest "Nobody was hurt." I thought for sure the fire fighter's name would be MacGyver.
  10. envirotex

    OKC hospital posts surgery prices online; creates bidding war
  11. envirotex

    4th of July Playlist

    As I am spending the greatest of American holidays eating watermelon and hanging out at the lake, I need a playlist...What are your recommendations? Naturally, I would include Jimi Hendrix' "Star Spangled Banner"...
  12. envirotex

    Scientists found guilty of manslaughter

    Hmm...I don't think I like this. /> and here...
  13. envirotex

    The Automotive Thread

    So as to not continue to monopolize the Random Thoughts thread, I opened this thread for car talk...or what ever you have that has a motor.
  14. envirotex

    Build a Superhero Here's mine...He looks oddly like my husband.
  15. envirotex

    Right-handed, left-handed, or both?

    I am left-handed, but right-footed...I can bowl with my right or my left, but I suck at bowling.
  16. envirotex

    Would-Be Engineers Hit Books the Hardest

    From the NYT... Everyone on this forum already knows this, but when you graduate and get a real job your work load actually decreases! :)
  17. envirotex

    How to survive a horror movie.

    I saw today, and I thought it was a timely topic... My number one rule is NEVER, NEVER go upstairs or downstairs, especially if the power is off.
  18. envirotex

    Order of the Engineer

    Did anyone else go through the Order of the Engineer ceremony when they graduated from college? If so, do you wear your ring? It's supposed to go on the little finger of your working hand so that when you are working it drags across the page and reminds you of your obligation as an engineer...
  19. envirotex

    Jobs Council Discusses Engineering Shortage

    Just saw this come across... Call for Questions & Input: The President’s Council on Jobs Session in Portland, Oregon If you would like to listen and/or provide feedback and judging by some of the threads on this board there might be plenty of feedback follow the link above. This is TODAY...
  20. envirotex


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