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  1. J

    Tutorials / Lessons for Reading Electrical Prints and Control Wiring Diagrams

    I'm a mechanical engineer, if something is broken my first method of solution is to hit it with a hammer.  If that doesn't work, get a bigger hammer :)   But I would like to have a better understanding on how to read and understand wiring diagrams especially related to controls and relaying...
  2. J

    Resources for Welding

    Anyone have good suggestions on reference books for welding? This is not for the PE exam. I want something that can help me choose and size welds based on the application (for example what size fillet weld do I need between two plates that have x amount of stress).
  3. J

    PE Stamp Requires Approval?

    I'm going to get my stamp a few years after passing the exam. So I no longer have the paperwork from when I passed. I'm going to order the stamp from so I'm reasonably sure that it will meet requirements. But do I still need to send a copy of the stamp to the Engineering...
  4. J

    Using PE in an Industry That Doesn't Require It?

    Does anyone work in an industry that doesn't require a PE License? Do you still include the PE after your name on email signatures? It's about a 50/50 split here between those who do and those who don't.
  5. J

    Has Anyone Worked at a Startup?

    I found a positon at a company that's just starting that seems very interesting. But, there is some risk. I'd be leaving a very secure job for this. Has anyone worked for a startup engineering firm? How did you like it? Did it ultimately succeed or fail? Is experience at a startup well...
  6. J

    PE vs. FE

    Since we recently finished another round of testing and have gotten our results back... I'm curious what everyone's opinions are on the exams. I took the FE just last year, several years after graduation. I thought it was far more difficult than the PE exam. There were so many subjects to...
  7. J

    Any Engineering Supervisors?

    So my supervisor is leaving in 6 or so months and has asked if I'd like to replace him. I'm trying to figure out if this is a career move I want to make. I'm the youngest one (by far) in my group, but "know the system" and get along with everyone in the group. So I'm sure I'd do a good job...
  8. J

    ASME PE Exam Review DVDs

    Set of 16 DVDs (plus one CD-ROM of course notes) for the Mechanical PE Exam. All DVDs are in excellent condition. $200
  9. J

    FS: FE Study Materials

    FE Review Manual - Lindeburg - 2004 [$20] FE/EIT Sample Examinations - Lindeburg - 1999 [$15] Fundamentals of Engineering Review - Potter - 2000 [$20] (note there is some highlighting and writing in this book) FE/EIT Mechanical (mech. afternoon session) - Potter - 2001 [$20]
  10. J

    Examples of Job Experience

    I'm going through my application for the PE exam right now and am a little bit confused about the experience/reference materials. My applicable experience consists of the same job for 4 years. How many examples of work do I need to send it along with my application to satisfy the board? (This...
  11. J

    April 2011 FE Exam

    So how do you think you did? I took the general afternoon exam and am not feeling too confident about it :( I did a good amount of studying for the exam (graduated 7 years ago), but I didn't study Engineering Economics and only studied a little for probability. Those are two subjects I never...