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  1. Capt Worley PE

    Certified Building Official--anyone here one?

    In an effort to (maybe) get a pay raise and (definitely) open up other avenues to pursue in the future, I'm considering taking the two tests to become an ICC CBO. Has anyone here gone through the process, and any general thoughts, comments? I learned about a month ago that the local counties...
  2. Capt Worley PE

    Brazil's energy crisis

    Interesting article here:;_ylt=AwrSyCUW5jBTIQ4AOQvQtDMD
  3. Capt Worley PE

    Poverty is a Cultural Problem Interesting editorial with some sobering statistics on out of wedlock births.
  4. Capt Worley PE

    25 years ago--Exxon Valdez

    Hard to believe it was 25 years ago that ole Capt hazelwood tippled himself and his ship into the halls of infamy. The Exxon Valdez, after the spill...
  5. Capt Worley PE

    Iran builds Nimitz replica
  6. Capt Worley PE


    Pretty sad, in retrospect, but these kinda/sorta 3D viewers were big deals back in 1st and 2nd grade.
  7. Capt Worley PE

    Report claims notorious fraudster was behind costly EPA regulations The report:
  8. Capt Worley PE

    The Cold War

    NATO's Parallel History project. There's some vetty vetty interesting stuff in here for military buffs wanting to get some 20/20 hindsight on the Cold War.
  9. Capt Worley PE

    Happy 30th Birthday, Mac
  10. Capt Worley PE

    San Francisco bans sale of plastic water bottles on city property Um...OK.
  11. Capt Worley PE

    The NSA Posed as Facebook to Spy on You
  12. Capt Worley PE

    U.S. Risks National Blackout From Small-Scale Attack

    IIRC, NJ had some substation sniping incidents recently. Any power guys care to comment on this...
  13. Capt Worley PE

    What a 9.0 earthquake could do to CA, OR, and WA

    Interesting report. I guess the race is on between the Cascadia Subduction and the San Andreas fault as to which will produce the next Big One in America. Maybe the New Madrid Fault wants in on the action.
  14. Capt Worley PE

    Homeland Security takes on The Carrington Event DHS report:
  15. Capt Worley PE

    Why People Don't Use Mass Transit Rather long and somewhat dated (originally 2005, updated 2010) article, but raises many legitimate issues about mass transit and its place in America. Worth a read if you have the time.
  16. Capt Worley PE

    Sharyl Attkisson resigns from CBS News
  17. Capt Worley PE

    Happy Birthday: World Wide Web to Turn 25
  18. Capt Worley PE

    5 predictions for the web that were way off
  19. Capt Worley PE

    Buran, the Soviet space shuttle Some cool pics from an old brochure.
  20. Capt Worley PE

    Plane collides with skydiver Amazing photos.