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    motion sensors this project have completely describe the instrumentation of sensor and its connection, check this out it will be really help full. connect detail of arduino and ESP32 connections.
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    Motion in a magnetic field

    flaming right hand rule show the direction of currrent in the megnatic field
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    AutoTransformer Question

    It means actual winding power handling capacity is only 1015 KVA but this autotransformer can handle 5000 KVA means auto transformer can handle 5 times more power and 5 times smaller than a conventional 2 winding transformer
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    Electromangetic Filed fluction

    An electromagnet can be used for moving scrap steel from one place to another. In a scrapyard, a crane has a large iron disc that is not a permanent magnet. The crane operator lowers the electromagnet into a pile of scrap steel and then switches on the electricity.
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    Green energy analysis - Research

    go search on google scholar it contain nuemours reseacrh paper. it can help you
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    Average Age to take FE/PE/SE

    FE at 23 and PE at 26
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    Potentiometer replacement. Any thought? this will help you in doing replacement of the joystick using reed switch. this project discussion will help you understand counter going to the digital pot.
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    Percent Voltage Drop

    [email protected] - 480: @ is equal to theta Vd-Value * sqrt(3) 480 [email protected] - 277/480 Vd-Value 277
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    Generator internal voltage

    ye the answer should be :Vi = Vt + Id*Xd = 1+ 0.97*1.1j = 1.46 pu So, the voltage is 1.46 * 250 kV = 365.6 kV there can be mistake in solution manual.
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    Problem 530 (NCEES)

    we can use MVA Method, 40MVA in series with 25 MVA (1MVA/.04) and 40 X 25 / (40+25) = 15.38 MVA we find out that Fault is on the 480v bus 15.38MVA/(sqrt(3) * 480e-6MV) = 18,500A
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    Code question

    clearly mention that 277V is single phase connected across L-N.
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    home made electrical components

    To create a wirewound resistor, one piece of wire would have to serve as the path for the electrical current to flow from one end of the resistor to the other. To create a resistor with a small resistance (or Ohm) value, use a thicker, shorter wire as the path between the two electrical leads.