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  1. BebeshKing PE

    Middle name on PE stamp?

    Hi, so I just recently got my PE license number with my Full name( including my middle name). It it required to put the full name( including the middle name) on the stamp? or is it still legal without the middle name or just putting the middle initial? Thank you,
  2. BebeshKing PE

    Florida Percent Salary increase after being licensed as a PE?

    What's the typical percent salary increase after having a PE license in Florida, particular in building design(electrical) industry?
  3. BebeshKing PE

    Just Curious! Any PE here who's younger than me?

    I'm just curious to know if anyone here are PE's that is younger than me. I'm a Professional Engineer, 27 years old, with 5 years of engineering experience in the Building Design(Electrical) industry.
  4. BebeshKing PE

    Complex Imaginary vol.3 #34

    Could anyone please tell me what is exactly asked on this problem? I thought  "internal generated voltage" means the Induced stator voltage Eo which is Eo=E+Ex. But in the solution, it is solving for the Voltage drop Ex. Thoughts?
  5. BebeshKing PE

    Complex Imaginary vol.1 #69.

    Should the answer for this problem be letter C? First thing is, 180A is not a standard size breaker. Second is, per NEC Art.240.4(B)(2), if the ampacity of the conductor does not correspond with the standard ampere rating of a fuse or breaker, we can use the next higher standard size. Does...
  6. BebeshKing PE

    NCEES Record - Work Experience (working with MEPF firms) as an Electrical Engineer

    Hi everyone. Could someone help me start  how to write a detailed work experience in the NCEES record or maybe some template I could go by? I appreciate your help.
  7. BebeshKing PE

    Share here your strategies for taking the CBT PE Power Exam

    Now that we are transitioning from Pencil & Paper to Computer Based Test for the PE Power, what is you strategy in taking this from open book to a closed book exam? Here are my personal strategies: 1. Get familiar with the PE power reference handbook  2. As much as possible, don't...
  8. BebeshKing PE

    PE Power and FE Electrical reference materials for Sale

    FE Electrical & Computer Books: 1. FE Electrical Engineering Review Manual by Kaplan Engineering Education - $40 2. FE Electrical and Computer Review Manual by Michael R. Lindeburg, PE (PPI2pass) - $80 3. FE reference Handbook by NCEES -$10   PE Power Books: 1. Complex Imaginary PE...
  9. BebeshKing PE

    Shorebrook Practice Problem #52

    Could someone please explain to me how they come up with the answer of the power and power supply per wire for each system? (single phase 2-wire, single phase 3-wire, 3phase, 3 wire, and 3 phase 4-wire) Thank you,
  10. BebeshKing PE

    Sawtooth with offset Waveform Problem

    @Chattaneer PE,  I can't seem to get the correct answer (which is letter C) using this formula. Am I using this one wrong?
  11. BebeshKing PE

    Auto Transformer Problem

    Hi,  could anyone explain to me why the answer is 75kVA and not 100kVA? thanks,
  12. BebeshKing PE

    Illumination Qualitative problems

    What would you answer for this kind of qualitative problem and why?
  13. BebeshKing PE

    Graffeo Practice Exam #61

    Could anyone explain to me or refer me to any reference material in regards to this problem? not sure if this is a lightning protection or NESC topic. Thank you
  14. BebeshKing PE

    NCEES Power Problem 108

    How did they get the formula Ia+Ib= -In? What I know is In=Ia+Ib+Ic. And if Ic=0, should it be Ia+Ib=In, right? What am I missing here? Thank you,
  15. BebeshKing PE

    NCEES problem 512

    Why they did not consider the power factor? Rcos(theta) +jXrsin(theta)? is this because the formula above is for the effective impedance? And the problem is asking for the actual impedance? that being said, is this mean that the chapter 9 table 9 are the actual impedance values of the wires...
  16. BebeshKing PE

    NCEES Power Practice Exam #540

    On problem 540, is it supposed to be just the MVA fault contribution of the generator G1 alone the one being asked? And should be just 834/0.23 =3626MVA? Or am I missing something? Could someone please explain? thank you for your help!
  17. BebeshKing PE

    Harmonics Practice Problem Question

    Hello, I need help for the answer, solution and explanation for this kind of Harmonic Problem. Thanks. A three-phase, four wire balanced wye-connected load is connected to a balanced three-phase four wire source. The following harmonic data is recorded: Order...
  18. BebeshKing PE

    Looking for Cram PE Power Books (Vol.1, 2, Cram)

    Hi, I’m looking for those 3 kinda of Books of Cram by James Flanagan . PM me, thanks
  19. BebeshKing PE

    Study Partner for PE Power

     Hey, I am looking for a dedicated study partner for PE Power. I'm taking the exam in Florida Area.  Good luck to us.
  20. BebeshKing PE

    Selling: Index Tabs and Reference Cards - NEC 2017

    Brand New! NEC 2017 Index tabs  - $15 NEC 2017 Reference Card -$15