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  1. Slay the P.E.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Slay the P.E.

    Version 1.2 of NCEES Mech. Handbook is out now -- what's new?

    This post is regarding new material only. We haven't checked if they fixed the typos that have been reported.  If you find anything else, please add to this thread. Section Helical Gears is completely new. The old section Planetary Gears is now Section 9.1.7 "Heat...
  3. Slay the P.E.

    Fundamental flaw... can you spot it?

    In the “technical data”...
  4. Slay the P.E.

    Free TFS Video Tutorials

    We have been developing video tutorials for the TFS exam. When we finish all of them, we will put them behind a paywall and offer a course based on these videos. For now, as we develop them they will be free. There will be roughly about 50 videos to cover all of TFS. As of the writing of this...
  5. Slay the P.E.

    A free TFS practice problem (maybe interesting for HVACR folks too)

    A rigid tank with an internal volume of 100 gallons contains saturated water at 50 psia and 50% of the mass of water inside the tank is liquid. The tank is fitted with a pressure relief valve (PRV) set to open if the pressure ever reaches 150 psia. In one occasion, a process upset caused the...
  6. Slay the P.E.

    TFS contest!

    Hi all! We are offering a special prize to the first 3 people who correctly answer the following problem. Please do not post the solution here. Send it to us (work it by hand and take a picture or scan to pdf) via private message. PROBLEM: An industrial ice-making machine operates on the...
  7. Slay the P.E.

    Best of luck tomorrow!

    A shout-out to the men and women that have visited these boards and either just read along or actively seeked advice and/or help. I hope you found value in the group effort we all put around here in helping out. Be sure to come back later to share stories from the trenches!
  8. Slay the P.E.

    Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics for TFS Contest

    Hi all, Be among the first 5 to send us via private message here either a photo or a scanned PDF showing all your work to the correct solution to the problem below and we will send you a coupon code for 50% off our TFS practice problems books. The three books combine for 230+ problems in...
  9. Slay the P.E.

    Where's the beef?

    Exam is in a little over 7 weeks.  The boards are kind of dormant.  Aren't people studying? What's going on?
  10. Slay the P.E.

    M.E. Thermal-Fluids. Did you pass?

    Did you? safe space for ranting
  11. Slay the P.E.

    MD&M practice problem of the week

    SPOILER ALERT: Attempt to solve it before scrolling down and reading the responses.
  12. Slay the P.E.

    HVAC&R Practice Problem of the week

    Here's a good one to practice some psych chart navigation. The more adventurous TFS folks might want to give this one a shot too. Have fun: An air conditioning unit handles 111,000 SCFM of 100% outdoor air at 80F, 70% r.h. A single coil performs cooling and dehumidification. The coil's...
  13. Slay the P.E.

    TFS practice problem of the week...

    A steam turbine with an isentropic efficiency of 76% admits steam at 100 psia, 750F. The turbine discharge is at 2 psia. The shaft power developed in kW per lbm/h of steam flowing through the turbine is most nearly: (A) 0.08 (B) 0.10 (C) 0.27 (D) 262
  14. Slay the P.E.

    Thermo problem (for TFS and HVACR test takers)

    Happy Monday! Take a stab at this one. Show your work :)   SPOILER ALERT: Try to solve it first; then scroll down to see the replies.
  15. Slay the P.E.

    Manometry problem

    Hello TFS test takers. Have some fun with this one. Difficulty level; I'd guess 2 on the scale from 1 to 5.  SPOILER ALERT: Try to solve it first; then scroll down to see the replies.
  16. Slay the P.E.

    Let's give it up for the admins and moderators

    As a supporting member, I appreciate the tight ship y'all are running around here. Promptly removing spam, chaff, flotsam & jetsam, and miscellaneous nonsensical detritus keeps the quality high and the value of the boards top notch. THANK YOU. 
  17. Slay the P.E.

    First post of 2018

    Hey all, Happy New Year!! Just a shout out to everybody out there prepping for April 2018 Mech Eng PE exam. Good luck! Looking forward to all the great interactions.
  18. Slay the P.E.

    Pump curve problem

    A recent exchange here on the boards inspired me to create a cool problem. Here goes: An old copy of a pump curve from a manufacturer shows the curve corresponding to an impeller diameter of 12 inches (shown here in blue). Another curve is shown in the graph (shown here in green), but a coffee...