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  1. DuranDuran

    New Electrical Power PE Practice Exam 2020

    I just re-registered for the Electrical Power PE CBT exam on NCEES.  The earliest exam date close to my area was Dec 7th so I booked it. I also noticed there is a new practice exam updated for the 2020 CBT.  When I clicked "preview", I saw some similar problems as the previous practice exam...
  2. DuranDuran

    Cash Back Rewards Cards Thread

    My wife and I have the Costco Credit Card and their cash back rewards program is pretty good, but wondering if you guys know of any better ones out there since we really don't shop there as much anymore.  We fly Southwest 1-2 times a year but not sure if we should get a Southwest rewards card or...
  3. DuranDuran

    Ladder Logic Problem

    A good one to look at I think: Here's one I got wrong and I actually started posting it because I couldn't figure out why.  I took this under simulated (timed) conditions.  This is an example of what happens when your brain isn't thinking clearly. After re-examining the circuit, I figured out...
  4. DuranDuran

    Battery Question

    I got this question wrong (I had to re-load the set of questions so I could see them).  Is there reason why choice 'B' is more correct than choice 'D' (my original answer)?
  5. DuranDuran

    Eng Pro Guides Final Exam #45 - Full Wave Rectifier

    I solved this problem a different way.  For some reason I don't get the same solution if I follow the author's method: The problem states, "A single phase, full wave rectifier has an input of 480V RMS.  What is the DC voltage to the load, assuming a 10 degree firing relay? Author's solution...
  6. DuranDuran

    Calculator Malfunction Ti-36X Pro

    I'm pretty sure Zach Stone recommend buying two calculators and bringing them to the exam.  At first I thought this was overkill, but now I know why he said it. I took a timed 8-hour practice exam yesterday.  I had just started the afternoon portion when my calculator "froze".  I was using the...
  7. DuranDuran

    Graffeo Practice Exam

    This post is both a review and request for any answers for those who have gone through the Graffeo practice exam. The Graffeo Guide is popular among many test takers and it's easy to see why.  It might be weak in a few areas but overall it's an easy to read book with easy to follow examples and...
  8. DuranDuran

    Revit vs AutoCAD or AutoCAD MEP

    I've been working in design/consulting industry for 15 years.  In North Carolina we did all our design work in AutoCAD (2D).  8 years ago we were told everyone was moving to Revit so I took the course along with some co-workers but we never ended up using it.  Then I moved to Tennessee...
  9. DuranDuran

    Electrical Gear/Panelboards Applications Engineer

    Gentlemen, I've worked as an electrical designer in facilities/MEP firms for the past 12 years.  I've designed lighting, power, low voltage (data, fire alarm, security), and drawing in CAD from the electrical service to the building and laying out everything inside including the panel and...
  10. DuranDuran

    Question For Those Who Have Taken Exam in TN

    This is a question for anyone who has taken the PE exam in Tennessee: I've read the "ExamineeGuide_June 2018" pdf on the NCEES website, and they tell you what you're allowed and not allowed to bring to the exam.  I understand all reference materials must be bound (not loose or stapled).  I get...