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  1. MadamPirate PE

    Gimmie your Bernie memes!

    I want to see the best of your collection of Bernie memes from the inauguration. GIVE THEM TO ME!
  2. MadamPirate PE

    Colorado Results and Questions

    Starting this thread for some of the Colorado folx - @tunnelguy @drotleff and anyone else.  I'm happy to answer questions here about the licensing process in Colorado.
  3. MadamPirate PE

    Whatcha Reading?

    I am trying to hit 75 books read for the year, I'm at 59. I just finished The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, by Suzanne Collins. It was... not as good as the Hunger Games trilogy. 
  4. MadamPirate PE

    October 2020 15k SPAM Thread

    Back by popular demand. This is our biannual EB.com spam fest to help with the post-exam stresses. For the n00bs, the goal is to focus less on the exam, how you did or did not do or the results, and more on unwinding here in the STB subforum and getting this thread to 15,000 posts (maybe this...
  5. MadamPirate PE

    ISO Protective Relaying by Blackburn

    Hey folks, I borrowed this book from a co-worker for the PE, and I found it would be generally very helpful for my day to day work. Hit me up if you're looking to offload it! I have paypal or venmo, whichever is best for you. 
  6. MadamPirate PE

    NCEES Practice Exam, Q122

    Hi there, Is there anyone who can point me in the direction of how to solve this question? I looked at the solution and it makes zero sense to me. Or if someone could step me through it, that would be great. Thanks!