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    New York Surveying

    I feel like I say/write this every couple of years.....but I hope I just took my last licensing exam.   Once again, at the request of my company, I applied for and took the New York Surveying exam.  It was supposed to be last April, but "the Corona" as my daughter puts it, messed things up. So...
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    Which Boards are the most helpful

    As I wait for results for the State Surveying Exam and the frustration behind the wait, I was reminded of how helpful and nice the staff at the Delaware PE association were. The process was straightforward and easy and whenever you called or emailed, you received an honest and generally quick...
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    State Specific Surveying Exams

    After passing the Civil PE a few years ago, I started the process of getting my PLS so I can go outside on nice days and survey. For those that don't know the PS exam is a 6 hour national exam and a 2 hour state specific exam. Last october I passed the national exam, however I did not pass the...
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    Delaware PE

    Did anyone here take the exam in Delaware? For those that didn't we got a little announcement at 7:15 saying that all handwritten pencil notes needed to be photocopied. While it wasn't an issue for me, my notes were in ink, the test proctors also told us that they sent everyone an e-mail on...