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    February 2021 Results

    February 2021 results waiting room.
  2. PlanCheckEng

    Re-examination approval for Quarter 1

    Has anyone sent in their re-examination forms in November or December and seen their check cashed? I sent mine in late last month and I am still waiting for the Board to cash my check.
  3. PlanCheckEng

    CA Seismic/Survey... some questions

    I recently received a pass for the PE 8-hr exam.  I have some questions in regards to the CA Specific Exams.  Responses are much appreciated. 1) If I submit my application to BPELSG this week, is it likely that I will be able to sit for the Survey & Seismic exams in 1st quarter 2020...
  4. PlanCheckEng

    CA Results!

    A place for us to suffer together until results are released.
  5. PlanCheckEng

    Need help reviewing my diagnostic!

    Failed twice, nearly identical results.  Project planning, means and methods, materials, and SITE DEVELOPMENT are pretty lacking for both exams.  I really need help finding materials helping me answer theory questions when it comes to those subjects.   2nd attempt 1st attempt Any other...
  6. PlanCheckEng

    Solely International professional experience - Looking to sit for California PE exam

    I am a USA engineer who has passed the FE exam in California. I have 2 years of qualifying experience which would be required to sit for the PE exam, however all of that experience comes from an international firm (top 3 global consultant based out of the Middle East).  Most of my colleagues...