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  1. Edgy Cheesy Graphite PE

    2021 was a rough year, but...

    2021 was (another) rough year. I definitely acknowledge all the challenges that this year brought, but think it would nice to say something good that happened this year. Doesn't matter how big or small.
  2. Edgy Cheesy Graphite PE

    ME-PE with a (dumb?) question about trusses

    I hope it's ok for an ME to come in the Civil forum and ask dumb questions. :) I was trying to explain what a truss is to a non-engineer the other day and it got me thinking. We did a lot of truss problems in my Statics and my Mechanics of Materials classes in school. It even was used pretty...
  3. Edgy Cheesy Graphite PE

    Are there forum rules somewhere?

    @Angie are there any rules about acceptable and unacceptable behavior posted anywhere on the site? Just curious.
  4. Edgy Cheesy Graphite PE

    Fantasy Football 2021

    Anyone interested in playing this year? If I recall correctly, we played in 2019, but not in 2020 right? I'll try to tag the previous players, but the offer is open to everyone in my opinion. @jean15paul_PE @chart94 @Ranger1316 @akwooly @youngmotivatedengineer @NikR_PE @ZW_Pub_Power...
  5. Edgy Cheesy Graphite PE

    Think it's a good idea to add preferred pronouns to user profiles?

    I know that it's become very common for people to add their preferred pronouns to their various online profiles and email signatures. Even before that, we'd have problems with people being addressed by the wrong pronouns because it's impossible to know on an anonymous online forum like this...
  6. Edgy Cheesy Graphite PE

    Anybody want to talk about WandaVision? (Spoilers!!!)

    I know it's gotten mixed reviews, but I've been enjoying it. Episode 1 felt a little slow. But episode 2 was a lot of fun, and the weirdness really pick up with episode 3. I know a lot of people liked episode 4 because it kinda brought everything together, but I'm concerned that it revealed...
  7. Edgy Cheesy Graphite PE

    Louisiana Results Thread

    Just a place to celebrate or to commiserate with your fellow Louisiana engineers. Feel free to post your results, express your excitement, mourn your loss, vent, or anything else here. Who's going to start? :)
  8. Edgy Cheesy Graphite PE

    PPI Lindeburg "Practice Problems for the Mechanical PE" 12ed (companion to the MERM)

    Anyone want this? Older edition, but brand new; never used. Pay for shipping plus best offer.
  9. Edgy Cheesy Graphite PE

    *NSFW* p e n i s size chart; is this accurate?? *NSFW

    I saw this shared online. Is this accurate? It's not what I would have expected.
  10. Edgy Cheesy Graphite PE

    Fantasy Football 2020

    Assuming that the NFL season exists... Are we playing fantasy football again this year? I'm going to tag those that played last year, but in my opinion, everyone is welcome. @jean15paul_PE @chart94 @Ranger1316 @akwooly @youngmotivatedengineer @NikR_PE @ZW_Pub_Power @ChebyshevII PE @tj_PE @Road...
  11. Edgy Cheesy Graphite PE

    Anyone here a member of Toastmasters?

    Anyone here a member of Toastmasters? I just joined last month. Just curious if anyone else is in the org. I'd love to connect and chat.
  12. Edgy Cheesy Graphite PE

    What professional societies are you a member of? ... and why?

    Are you a member of any professional societies (e.g. ASCE, IEEE, NSBE, SWE, etc)? Which ones? Why are you a member? How much do you participate? What benefits do you get from your membership and participation?
  13. Edgy Cheesy Graphite PE

    Louisiana results released

    I saw Louisiana results have been released. How'd everyone do?
  14. Edgy Cheesy Graphite PE

    Thanksgiving: What are you thankful for?

    Let's be positive and get in the spirit. Who's going first?
  15. Edgy Cheesy Graphite PE

    The smart, connected, IoT thread

    Anybody into "smart" stuff, "connected devices", "internet of things"? (I think that's all the buzzwords.) I'm not really talking about phones, although that's welcome here too. But stuff like smart home stuff, voice assistants, wearables, internet connected appliances, smart clothes (yep, that...
  16. Edgy Cheesy Graphite PE

    Tracking continuing education less than one hour?

    I hope this isn't a dumb question. And I know this is probably one of those varies-by-state things. But... Can you track PDH less than one hour? Our FEA vendor does monthly online webinars that are 45 minutes. Can I track those for 0.75 hours? Does anyone track training less than an hour...
  17. Edgy Cheesy Graphite PE

    Hard Rock Hotel construction site collapse in New Orleans

    Update: Latest I've heard: 3 dead, 20 injured, 😥😢
  18. Edgy Cheesy Graphite PE

    Twitch video/stream suggestions?

    I'm new to Twitch. I want to watch some cool stuff. Post suggestions.
  19. Edgy Cheesy Graphite PE

    Dr Tom's Classroom Mechanical - Machine Design and Materials Course Review

    Let me start with a little context: After taking this course I passed the Mechanical PE exam (Machine Design & Materials) on my first attempt I've always been a good student (mostly A's, honors courses, etc) and a good test taker.  But school was 15 years ago, and I've forgotten much...
  20. Edgy Cheesy Graphite PE

    App to follow Engineer Boards?

    Is there an app to follow EB? I've tried to use Tapatalk, but it doesn't seem to work. I guess what I'd really like is (phone) push notifications.