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    Tutorials / Lessons for Reading Electrical Prints and Control Wiring Diagrams

    I'm a mechanical engineer, if something is broken my first method of solution is to hit it with a hammer.  If that doesn't work, get a bigger hammer :)   But I would like to have a better understanding on how to read and understand wiring diagrams especially related to controls and relaying...
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    Running Career Advice - General

    25. Be selfish and don't (fully) depend on anyone else. Nobody is going to have your interests in mind more than you. If there is an opportunity that you're interested in, you have to pursue it. If someone promised to do something for you, follow up with them. Don't assume that they'll just...
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    Licensed Consulting Engineers - Benefits of Grad School?

    No kidding! By default, any rate increases due to grad school will be a far lower percentage of your salary considering you're easily making well over double the amount of money an average engineer your age makes. And from my experience, grad school is good to increase your general knowledge...
  4. J

    How much room do you get on the exam?

    Each person at my test center had a standard 6 ft folding table to themselves. There were no limits to how many references you could have open.
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    Steam Tables

    I brought my copy of the ASME International Steam Tables. It's easier to manage than going through the MERM and there's less chance of needing to interpolate. I would have been OK without, but the convience was worth it for me.
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    Calculator Collection

    TI-89 TI-36X Solar I've had the TI-89 since high school. It's an excellent calculator! I didn't take my EIT until several years after college. Then I took the PE the year after. So I stopped using my TI-89 and just used to the 36X to become as familiar with it as possible. Unfortunately...
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    Comity in Massachusetts & NCEES record

    I'm in MA and have never heard of anyone having to interview with the board. The application is a pain, but I had assumed it would be similar state to state. I guess I don't really see the benefit of having to renew two licenses continuously just to save a few hours on an application - unless...
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    Why bother keeping PE up to date after new job that doesn't require?

    What's your plan if you unexpectedly lose your job? You may apply to another job where they have to choose between you and another guy with similar experience. Wouldn't you want to still have that PE to get a leg up on him? I put a lot of time and effort into getting my FE and PE. I'm not...
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    PTACs vs. Room ACs

    Here are my interpretations of the two terms: PTAC - A fully self contained unit. It has the entire refrigeration unit (evaporator, condenser, and compressor). They stick out of the wall so that the condenser can give off its heat to the outdoors. Most have electric heat, but I believe some...
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    Down to single digits, how's everyone doing?

    Very true. In addition to being far more difficult, the afternoon session is immediately after a 4 hour session on a day that you're probably fairly stressed about to begin with! During the lunch break I took some advil and went for a walk for a few blocks (luckily it was a very nice day out)...
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    Finding the correct answer from distractors/wrong answers

    Honestly the two best things you can do are: 1. Pay attention to the units. 2. Understand what they're asking for.
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    Resources for Welding

    Excellent, thank you for the help. I think I may pick up "Design of Welded Structures" as that seems most likely what I'm looking for. I'm primarily trying to educate myself more on welding,
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    Resources for Welding

    Anyone have good suggestions on reference books for welding? This is not for the PE exam. I want something that can help me choose and size welds based on the application (for example what size fillet weld do I need between two plates that have x amount of stress).
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    Six Minute Solution - HVAC - Ventilation Problem

    There are some cases where you just use a default value (like corridors or storage rooms) based on square footage. But when you're talking about a room with a known occupancy, you should be using: [ People x CFM/People + SF x CFM/SF ] to calculate the outside air requirement. ASHRAE 62.1...
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    Thermo Frustration

    The MERM problems take FAR longer than the exam questions. There are some that can take close to an hour. The best representation of exam problems would be the NCEES practice exams. With that said, being able to work out the entire power cycle is useful. On the actual exam you'll be given a...
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    Thermo Frustration

    Break each cycle down to the individual processes. Get familiar with what physical activity is associated with what process. For example water through a pump is an isentropic process. The MERM lists each type of process and the main characteristic of it Chapter 25 "Types of Processes" in the...
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    October 2014 Exam - Anyone started studying yet?

    A lot of that is simply what you've learned as an engineer over the past 4 years. Based on the TF exam I took (which could very well be different than another year's TF exam), I would suggest studying the interest tables and economic formulas in the MERM. Once you understand how they're set...
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    Exam Horror Stories

    The power went out for about a minute or two during the exam I took. It was amusing to see the various degrees of people freaking out. Some people thought it was kinda funny, others were borderline panicing. There's a great story I read somewhere on here where there was a gospel choir (or...
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    MERM binding is already shot...

    When the binding on mine falls apart, I'd likely take it off and get the pages bound with a 3-hole punch or spiral binding at the local print shop.
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    Why the wait seems intolerable

    I do agree that technology and instant access to information has made us more impatient, but I don't necessarily think that's why the wait for the PE is so difficult. For many Engineers, it's a very big deal. They've had to gain the appropriate experience, meet all the requirements, and spend...