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  1. Dleg

    2019 Novel Coronavirus

  2. Dleg

    Star Wars; The Rise of Skywalker discussion ***SPOILERS***

    I recognize that the final trilogy of Star Wars films has been very polarizing for fans.  I personally enjoyed them all. I have been a fan since I saw the first one as a new release in third grade, 1977. I remember seeing The Empire Strikes Back as a junior high kid new and thinking "awesome!"...
  3. Dleg

    All-electric Ford Mustang

    I don't know, but this doesn't look like a Mustang to me:
  4. Dleg

    The anti-Valentine's Day revolution has begun!

    .... with 9 people in Japan:  
  5. Dleg

    AI artist

    Weirdness: http://t2i.cvalenzuelab.com/ Type in anything and the AI will attempt to create an artistic rendering. (I can't figure out how to directly share the image, so this is a screenshot) Try it and share your best creation!
  6. Dleg

    Not really politics

    I'm sorry, sort of political in nature, but the write up is just too funny not to share: article link    
  7. Dleg

    Kaspersky Lab security software - time to remove, or am I already a member of the KGB?

    I saw that the US government has directed all agencies to remove kaspersky labs products from all computers, due to analysis of the capabilities of the software and the company's ties to  the Kremlin and KGB.  I went with Kaspersky for my personal computers a few years ago on the advice of my IT...
  8. Dleg

    Flat Earthers

    I've been hearing about these wackos over the past couple years, and recently discovered that a pharmacist I know believes in this shit whole heartedly. He constantly posts on Facebook about it, and uses all sorts of flawed mathematics that he clearly doesn't understand to try to justify it...
  9. Dleg

    Space storm

    Anyone with a view of the norther sky should look outside tonight. You'll probably be able to see the Aurora, even from mid latitudes.  There is a pretty massive geomagnetic storm underway, due to a huge coronal mass ejection from the sun a couple days ago. Check out the earth's magnetic field...
  10. Dleg

    North Korea

    I've been wondering lately why doesn't the US offer a huge bounty for Kim Jung Un?  Make an offer "too good to refuse" - say $1 billion, plus an additional $5 billion if Un's death is followed by the reunification of North and South Korea (because the assassin would almost have to be someone...
  11. Dleg

    Share your InspiroBot quotes

    Generate them at: http://inspirobot.me/ post the best ones in here!
  12. Dleg

    Counting calories

    I have been trying to lose 15 lbs recently.  I have been hitting the treadmill more reliably (3x a week), running faster (9 min miles for 3 miles), doing some crappy video workout (Sean T's T25!) with my wife 2x a week that seems pretty strenuous, and eating less/healthier at lunch and dinner...
  13. Dleg

    Best web conference app?

    I was wondering what recommendations people have for hosting conference calls with slides or screen sharing.  I have access to WebEx, but the problem I have is that there are always some people who can't get it to work on their machines.  Adobe connect seems to have the same problems, and like...
  14. Dleg

    What's playing inside your head?

    This morning for me it was the strangest combination of songs.  Early in the morning it was The Smiths' "The Boy With the Thorn in His Side" (hey, I did an 80s binge on Youtube the other night) and then on the way to work somehow I got Ozzy's Ironman in my head.   And then....
  15. Dleg

    EB Hashers - Terrible accident on my local Hash run (if you don't know what that is, read on)

    On on! (that's what Hashers call out when they're on trail, also a general greeting for correspondence such as this) I have heard that there are other Hashers here in EB, but not sure who. I have been a long-time Hash runner, for over 20 years now. My EB tag is actually a contraction of my...
  16. Dleg


    Does anyone have any experience with colorblindness? How it has affected your life, especially as a kid? I just confirmed that my 11 year old son has red-green colorblindness, specifically deuteranomaly (I think), which is the most common form. It seems sort of mild, in that sometimes he can...
  17. Dleg

    Please consider a DONATION if EngineerBoards helped you

    Congratulations to all who passed, and best of luck to all who did not! Either way, please consider a donation to Engineer Boards (through link on front page, upper right) to help keep this forum alive and independent. There was a time when the only places to talk and vent about the exams were...
  18. Dleg

    Time to give back - Donate to Engineer Boards

    To all those who have passed the PE, or who have used this site to keep on trying, now is the time to think about donating something toward keeping it alive. Road Guy can chime in and explain more, but the advertising on this site isn't enough to cover the hosting costs, and this particular...
  19. Dleg

    Help an ME teach himself basic reinforced concrete design

    Hello there SE's! This may sound insane, but hear me out. Some of you may know me on here, but for those who don't, I am a practicing environmental PE with an undergrad in mechanical engineering. As such, I was never educated in structural engineering, beyond engineering statics and mechanics...
  20. Dleg

    The pain of being the only engineer in a meeting

    I've been in so many meetings like this. This short sketch is hilarious and catches it extremely well: http://laughingsquid.com/the-expert-a-hilarious-sketch-about-the-pain-of-being-the-only-engineer-in-a-business-meeting/?fb_action_ids=10152029732718461&fb_action_types=og.likes