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  1. blybrook PE

    Alaska results out

    Alaska started releasing results from the April 2018 exam this morning around 0945 local. Good luck to those awaiting their scores.
  2. blybrook PE

    Civil: Construction Study Books for Sale

    New, unopened books, not used. Have been stored in a box, non-smoking home. mrs blybrook wasn't originally sure which discipline she wanted to pursue. Bundle is listed for approximately $375 at PPI, will accept $300 or other reasonable offer. Would prefer to sell as a bundle, but can split up...
  3. blybrook PE

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all of EB. Or whatever you may celebrate in your household. We don't discriminate. May your travels be safe and the company worth the travel.
  4. blybrook PE

    Marvel vs DC Concept Trailer

    Now this should be a future movie: >
  5. blybrook PE

    Real Time Conference Call

    Can anyone else relate to this? [media]
  6. blybrook PE

    BACON Festival

    Saw this in the newspaper, how come NJ didn't give us warning about it??? I smell a potential group excursion...
  7. blybrook PE

    October 2013 Results RELEASED

    Got word that the results are being posted... for the Professional Liability Insurance Test that was given last month! Everyone passed! :) :bananalama:
  8. blybrook PE

    Caption the photo 9/27/13

  9. blybrook PE

    The real life Escherian Stairwell Video description: Amazing video from the Rochester Institute of Technology featuring the 'Escherian Stairwell', named for the Dutch graphic artist M. C. Escher, famous for his impossible creations which violate the laws of physics."
  10. blybrook PE

    Cheaters Beware

    The following statistics were recently published in the April '13 edition of PE Magazine by NSPE: Just a heads up that the proctors are watching. Please share any funny story you may have encountered during the recent session!
  11. blybrook PE

    Answers for the PE & FE Test

    lie with you, dear applicant. You really didn't think that you'd find the answers here, did you? :Banane35: Remember, your hard studies and years of experience up to this point have prepared you to take these exams. Try to relax a little before the exam and do the best you can. Enjoy that...
  12. blybrook PE

    ASCE Releases 2013 Report Card on US Infrastructure

    Independent scores can be found at this link:
  13. blybrook PE

    CHAT Room

    All, With the recent board updates / app activations, we've got a chat room! Come check it out!
  14. blybrook PE

    AK Results

    Post em if you got em from the Oct 11 session. Best if luck to those waiting. (null)
  15. blybrook PE

    Girlfriend got her results letter from...

    Her most recent scholarship application. She got the scholarship! Now she awaits her FE results (null)
  16. blybrook PE

    NCSEA SE Test webinar 11/19/11, who else caught it?

    I watched a webinar this morning put on my NCSEA. It was geared towards the new SE exam, primarily what was covered, how it affects those already licensed & those wishing to get licensed. I think it was a very good seminar and a copy of the slides were provided to everyone in attendance...
  17. blybrook PE

    Anyone Read the NCEES Licensure Exchange Dec 2010?

    Ok, so I, like so many others here, are awaiting results. I took a chance to go see if there was any new information on the NCEES website (other than their closure on Friday 12/24 & Monday 12/27) and found that they had time to release a Licensure Exchange Newsletter (among getting the Oct...