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  1. SacMe24

    Time to fully discharge a Chiller due to leak

    Not an HVAC engineer but was hoping someone here could help me figure out a problem for my master's program. Given the following: 1) Initial Freon charge in pounds 2) Initial pressure (psi) 3) Diameter of pinhole on chiller wall Is there an equation I can use to calculate the total time it...
  2. SacMe24

    Last chance to take Mechanical PE Exam in Paper-and-Pencil form is Oct.'19

    Looks like NCEES has made it official and the last time anyone will be able to take the paper-and-pencil Mechanical PE Exam (any discipline) will be October '19: The conversion schedule is below, what do you guys think about this?
  3. SacMe24

    The 4th time was a charm for me: Sharing my experiences to sharpen your skills (Mechanical PE MDM exam)

    Whether you’re taking the Mechanical PE MDM exam for the first time or this is your “nth” attempt, I hope that my experiences make this journey a bit easier for you.  First let me tell you a bit about myself to put things in perspective. I obtained my BSME degree in 1996 and throughout my...
  4. SacMe24

    For Sale: Shigley's Mechanical Eng. Design 10th edition (hardcover)

    Brand new, I bought it earlier this year from Amazon for $191.00 to prepare for the Machine Design & Materials PE Exam but only used it a few times. The book has NO mark-ups, willing to let it go for $110.00 including regular shipping fees. PayPay or Apple Pay are acceptable forms of...
  5. SacMe24

    California PE Lic. Numbers??

    Hello, Does anyone know how long it takes California to issue PE license numbers? I got my PASS result from NCEES last week and I submitted my application/references etc. before the board changed the rules last Dec. I was approved by BPELSG to sit for the exam and already submitted the 1-page...
  6. SacMe24


    California just released results !!!!
  7. SacMe24

    Where will you view your NCEES Exam Result?

    So when you get the exam result notification from either NCEES or your State Board, is there a "special" place you have in mind to view your result? I may go into a conf. room just in case I scream.... hopefully out of joy!  :)
  8. SacMe24

    Spring '18 Exam Result Day...

    Looking at past result-release dates, I'm betting that NCEES will release our exam results to the state boards the week of May 21. To be more specific, I'm guessing they'll announce on Thursday May 24... what is your guess??
  9. SacMe24

    MDM Practice Exam by Hart & Klein

    Hello everyone, I've been preparing for the MDM exam  in April for quite some time now and came across a pratice exam by Scott Hart and Kevin Klein. I find that these problems are much more difficult than those from the NCEES practice exams. Have any of you had a similar experience? The...
  10. SacMe24

    Failed Mechanical MDM Multiple Times...Could use some advice...

    Hello EB friends,   Today I learned the sad news that I did not pass the Mechanical PE (Machine Design & Materials) exam for the THIRD time. To be quite honest I am numb at the moment and not sure how to feel, part of me is happy that this could mean that I get my life back, no more...
  11. SacMe24

    ME Machine Design & Materials Cut Score

    Unfortunately today I learned that I failed the PE MDM exam with a score of 46/80. Wondering if others would mind sharing their scores. This being my 2nd time failing it I need to re-evaluate what I'm doing wrong, or if I was close enough to where all I need is more practice. After the first...
  12. SacMe24

    Study Guide Recommendation for Mechanical PE (MDM) in April '17

    I will be taking the Mechanical PE exam in April '17 and have chosen the Machine Design and Materials (MDM) exam specification. Being that I graduated quite some time ago, I've enrolled in a refresher course which starts in a few weeks, but in the mean time I was wondering if somebody could make...
  13. SacMe24

    FAILED Mechanical PE exam (Mechanical Systems/Materials). Advice needed.

    Hello everyone, Yesterday I received the sad news that I did not pass the Mechanical PE exam. According to the NCEES diagnostic report my score was 38/80 which was about the same as what I scored during the practice test. My discipline was Mechanical Systems/Materials. This is obviously not...