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    Practice Professional Engineering COA

    I'm a professional engineer licensed and registered in NY state, to practice engineering work, I believe you need COA, register a company etc.  My company has headquarter in a different state and for some reason they are unable to obtain COA in NY so I have to send my work to an outside PE to...
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    PE Seal document control

    I supervise, control, direct and do final review of analytical studies which are submitted by my colleagues who are in different office location. Right now after I review the report, recommend changes and review it again to make sure changes are implemented. I electronically send my seal, sign...
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    Which City to Consider?

     I'm and electrical engineer residing in North Eastern state. My potential new job gives me an option to work from home from anywhere in the USA. Which cities to consider? Criterion Nice weather Affordable housing Be able to find another job in the vicinity without having to move in case...
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    Any certification course for electrical power Protection?

    Does anyone know of any certification course for free to not so expensive? I'm in the protection world and would like to add a certification course to my resume and also learn some concepts. 
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    What do you need to keep your PE license valid and active

    I recently received PE license from NY state. I heard you need to complete certain PDUs every 3 yrs? Also do you have to pay registration fee every 3 yrs to remain active? Also how about if your job doesn't require PE stamp, can you go inactive and not pay the registration and activate when you...
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    Career Advancement after PE

    I'm power systems engineer doing coordination and arc flash studies in my current role. I recently passed Power PE exam. I was wondering how I can advance my career? Is joining some consultancy firm a way to advance your career? Can you please provide some ideas on job postings where I can...
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    POWER PE books

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    NY PE to CA

    Hey guys, I passed my FE and PE from NY board. My undergraduate degree is from a foreign country, so I didn't do a degree evaluation and even without points for degree I had about 20 yrs of industrial experience which qualified me for Power PE in NY board.  Will I be eligible to transfer my...
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    Why isn't this forum active?

    Hello future test takers, don't you want to pass? I would think at least someone would be discussing something every few days with 4 months left? Unless there are not many Power PE takers this fall. 
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    Power PE transferring to CA

    Hey guys,  I passed my FE and PE while in NY state, what are the reciprocity requirements for CA?  I hope you don't have to pass more exams and it is just matter of paying fees and getting registered. 
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    Selling POWER PE Books

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    Those who passed April 2019

    We have a thread for those who failed and don't want to get things mixed up. Those who passed can post it here.   Let's me start  With God's grace I passed. Those who didn't make it this time, hang tight and you will succeed. A lot of people perhaps didn't make it just by few points and that...
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    When the results come?

    I have been fretting over why results take so long but on  a 2nd thought scared of the D day when the results are available to see.  I'm told you get notified by e-mail that you can see your results by logging in to NCEES account. I bet people think few times before they muster up courage to...
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    Why did you go for PE?

    While we await results, I would like to gather information that would be helpful to folks to advance their career or use PE license effectively. Of course, this is assuming we will pass. There is nothing wrong with arming with the information/knowledge whether pass/fail.  Let me start why did I...
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    I miss studying

    I took FE about 8 months ago and then right after that started studying for PE. Studying for hours on weekends and weekdays was a norm for last 6-8 months. Towards the end, I was getting seek of solving complex problems on calculator, even if you knew you can solve the problem, I would still...
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    Why does grading takes so long?

    I'm sure they scan the answer sheet with bubbles by machine and not count the dots manually and then spot check few for accuracy etc. Not sure how many PE takes are there nationwide , I am guessing not more than 5000. Why does the grading take 6-8 weeks? It seems there is more subjective...
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    NFPA70E version for April 2019

    Hey guys, Can someone verify the PE exam on April 5th, 2019 will be using NFPA 70E- 2018? NCEES have mentioned this now on their exam specification page which wasn't there few months ago. I just want to confirm this as the NCEES sample exam I have says NFPA 70E- 2015. There are different values...
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    Unbalanced fault formula

    I took this from Engproguide cheat sheet. I don't think this is correct. According to me , for phase A to B fault, it should be.  IA = -IB IC=0 vA=VB Line (Phase A) to Line (Phase B) Fault VB=VC IB=-IC IA=0 IA0=0;IA1=-IA2=EAjX1+jX2 IB=IA1*(a2-a)
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    AM - PM Exams

    NCEES power exam specifications have categorized entire syllabus in 4 categories. Does the AM exam cover the topics from section 1 and 2 and then the PM exam cover topics from section 3 & 4 or they are fixed and questions can appear in any order? 
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    NEC Code questions

    This is a thread to ask NEC code related questions.  Example16: What is the ampacityto size the feeder conductor if it supplies the following two motors? 1.One 7.5-hp, 230V, single-phase motor 2.One 5-hp, 230V, single-phase motor Ans: Table 430.248 gives 40 A and 28 A as individual FLC of...