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    Selling Mechanical PE (MDM) resources

    Machine Design and Materials Six-Minute Problems, Harriet G. Cooke (PPI2PASS) - $70 I used this after I exhausted the official practice exams (i.e. knew all the questions). In my opinion these are harder than the actual exam so is good prep/confidence builder Has old breadth and depth format...
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    FE and PE Mechanical MDM resources for sale

    FE Exam materials are in good condition, PE exam materials in excellent condition. Make me an offer, or suggest a bundle to save on postage. Prices exclude postage but will be sent USPS media mail. Local pick up in Southern California available (North of LA). FE Exam: FE Mechanical Review...
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    Wanted: MDM Six-Minute Problems

    Looking for the latest 2017 edition. If you've got one sitting around gathering dust, and want some cash, let me know! Located in Southern California. Thanks
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    Correlating MERM with NCEES Exam Spec - Mech MDM

    I passed the FE using the Lindeburg Review manual as my main resource where chapters reflected the topics on the Exam Spec. Now I am studying for the PE, I expected the same so bought MERM 14ed. I was hugely disappointed to see this isn't the case with the MERM. It appears the MERM is more of a...