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  1. Dothracki PE

    2021 Engineerboards Salary Survey

    Keeping up the tradition so we can better our knowledge to fight against the corporations... just kidding. Please be respectful of the link and fill out what you feel comfortable sharing. If you have any questions or issues please feel free to share in this thread or PM me. EB 2021 Salary Survey
  2. Dothracki PE

    2021 New Years Eve Take a Drink If...

    Here we are at the end of the year. I'm hoping many of you are staying safe and reducing your usual New Year's Eve parties this year. But that doesn't mean we can't have fun with it. I am putting together a drinking game you can play while watching. I'll get a few take a drink if/when ideas...
  3. Dothracki PE

    LEED Resources Sale

    Not sponsored, but I got an email that GBRI has a sale on training for LEED CEs, and exam prep packages up to 100% off.
  4. Dothracki PE

    Share Your Project Experience!

    I wanted to start a thread where we can share some work experiences that may be beneficial to each other so you can share design aspects, technical issues, etc. Please keep in mind any non-disclosure agreements, confidential matters, sealed drawings, etc. If there are any news articles or...
  5. Dothracki PE

    Top Mobile Providers by State

    This is a few years old, but interesting. Note that this map is based on amount of times the company's websites were viewed in each state, not actual phone user data. I wonder what this looks like now with T-mobile and Sprint merged and a lot of smaller providers that share networks with larger...
  6. Dothracki PE

    2020/2021 Power CBT Exam Thread

    I had some complaints about the title the thread where I last posted this. But I wanted to get a thread going (hopefully this isn't adding another unneeded thread) but wanted to start this thread so we can continue the dialogue related to the new exam format. Come December, we can start to use...
  7. Dothracki PE

    Class J versus Class RK fuses

    I have been trying to research this a little bit but I haven't really come up with an answer. Anyone know what advantage I would have to specify class J fuses as opposed to RK1 or RK5? It seems to me that the instantaneous region is lower compared to the RK1 or RK5 and that is where coordination...
  8. Dothracki PE

    RIP Grant Imahara

    Terrible news that Grant Imahara (former Mythbuster) has passed as a result of a brain aneurysm. I got my inspiration to become an engineer because of Mythbusters and Grant specifically who is an electrical engineer...
  9. Dothracki PE

    Nondescript Movie Game

    I saw a Twitter thread asking viewers to leave a comment describing their favorite movies or TV series as simple as possible so that it sounds boring. Anyone want to follow suit on here and make a guessing game out of it? I'll start with a movie that is an example that everyone might get.  A...
  10. Dothracki PE

    Just found new procrastination site

    This could be bad, but hello everyone!