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  1. Jennifer Price

    Florida Certificate

    Got my FL PE certificate today and holy is huge! Here comes custom framing...
  2. Jennifer Price

    AutoCAD Consulting Position Desired

    Hey Guys, My husband is looking to do some AutoCAD work on the side. Here are a few things that he can do (plus many more): AutoCAD line work Creating block libraries. Creating Standard and Dynamic blocks Customizing/Standardizing AutoCAD templates, AutoCAD toolbars, drop-down menus...
  3. Jennifer Price

    Did they really need to research this? ;)

    He's Not as Smart as He Thinks "Are men smarter than women? No. But they sure think they are. An analysis of some 30 studies by British researcher Adrian Furnham, a professor of psychology at University College London, shows that men and women are fairly equal overall in terms of IQ. But women...
  4. Jennifer Price

    October 2007 Exam: What you did right

    1. What exam did you take? 2. How many hours did you study? 3. What did you study? 4. Any advice to those taking the exam in April 08? 1. Civil / Transportation PM 2. As stated before, I started studying for the April exam so my time is a ridiculous amount. For the October exam, I probably...
  5. Jennifer Price

    PE Civil References for Sale

    Here are books that I used and no longer need anymore to clutter my life. I will sell all of them for $1000 or for the individual price listed (which totals $1,250.60). I spent around $1,700 for all of them (including the printing of the notes). Textbooks Introduction to Hydrology, Viessman...
  6. Jennifer Price

    Can I call myself P.E.

    Apparently Florida takes 8-10 weeks to issue the license numbers and certificates after notification of passing. But in the meantime, can I say I am Jen Evans, P.E. or do I have to keep saying I am Jen Evans, E.I. until my license number comes?
  7. Jennifer Price

    Question about Structural Engineering Licensing

    Hey Guys - I have a friend of mine who is interested in getting his Structural Engineering License in NC. He doesn't have his PE yet. He has tried to research the process for NC but is not having any luck. Can anyone here point me to where I can find this information or let me know the steps...
  8. Jennifer Price


    What are your offices policies on tattoos? All 3 companies I have worked for since graduating college have been pretty lax about letting tattoos show. The company I work for now has an official policy about covering all tats, but at least 6 of mine can be seen depending on what I am wearing -...
  9. Jennifer Price

    I stumbled upon this....

    ...of all the traffic stuff we learned for the transportation exam... (especially since I am not a transportation engineer)
  10. Jennifer Price


    What is the ratio of men to women on this board? If it is anything like when I graduated college...I am guessing it is a legion of men to handful of women (I graduated in a class of 200 - with 6 females). Edit: Also, what is the ratio where you work? I work with in a dept of 13 and am the...
  11. Jennifer Price

    Good Luck Y'All!

    Since I will be leaving bright and early tomorrow to drive down to Florida, I probably won't pop back in here until after the exam. I want to wish all the exam takers good luck! I hope to read good reports on Monday when I get back. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! :bio:
  12. Jennifer Price

    Just curious....

    Has anyone ever heard of anyone making a 100 on the PE exam?
  13. Jennifer Price

    Practice Exam this weekend

    I know there were a few of us that did a practice exam this weekend. How did you guys do? If the real exam is as close as the practice exam I took today (I did the one by Lindeburg) then I am in trouble! Which sucks big time since I have been studying for almost a year now!!!! I wanted to...
  14. Jennifer Price

    Quick Question about working problems

    I was just wondering how many of you are able to work the problems without peaking at the answers? I have worked tons of problems (got 5 notebooks to show for it), but I still don't feel comfortable enough to work them without help from the solutions. And this has me a bit freaked out since...
  15. Jennifer Price

    CEPP Ch 74 Problem 2g

    CEPP Ch 74 Problem 2g asks what the uphill percent time following is? The solution to the problem references HCM Exhibit 20-21 for the coefficient values of a and b. But when I compared what the CEPP put down for the coefficients a and b, they didn't match anything the HCM said. This also...
  16. Jennifer Price

    I want to thank you guys (and say hello)

    I have been "lurking" here for a few months now (although I have posted a little bit here and there), so I figured I should finally introduce myself. I am a CE (actually my field is forensics) working out of Charlotte and getting ready to sit for my PE in October (can you ever really be...