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    Passed Seismic Exam after two failed attempts

    I passed the FE, PE and Surveying exams first trials, however I failed Seismic twice, I self studied from Hiner as suggested by some Friends on Youtube and this forum, first time I had no time to answer all questions and find actual exams was more difficult than Hiner problems and time...
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    CA Specif Exams

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    CA Specific Exams Re-examination

    I sent the Re-exam application for Seismic including USPS money order to the board, How do I know if they cached the money and processed my re-exam request?  
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    Advice for new candidates

    You are here in this thread because you may be heard about PE licensure and you already search how to prepare and pass this "hard exam" in very short time ..I am here to give you tips and tricks that help you prepare and pass this exam..I passed FE and PE in less than 4 month because my great...
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    CA Specific Exams

    When ??
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    October 2017

    October 2017
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    What is your evaluation about CA Seismic & Surveying fall 2017 exams

    What is your evaluation about CA Seismic & Surveying fall 2017 exams?
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    Surveying exam time was not enough

    Today I set for CA surveying exam, the exam was simple and tricky in the same time, the time is a great challenge . I am sure of 24 problems and guess for 31. Is there any hope  passing this tough exam !! time restrict
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    Best strategies for attacking the Seismic and Surveying exams

    I am going to take the CA Civil Specific exams this fall, I purchased Hiner book for Seismic and Mansour for Surveying,  also I purchased IBC 2015 and ASCE 7-10. What is the best strategies for attacking the Seismic and Surveying exams, and is any other references should be added to those which...
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    Need help

    Hi guys, I sent my application to CA board on 29th of June 2017 as one time exceptional applying, I received e mail on 26 states that my application received and tea transferred to technical review .On last thursThursday the board announced that the authorization emails have been sent out to...
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    Did not recive sesmic and surveying notice for fall 2017

    I sent the board my application on 1 july 2017 due to exceptional one time filing for ca specic exams for applicant who passed the April 8 hours pe exam. The board announced that emails has been sent out to approved applicant however I didn't recieve any mails. Was my application has been tejected??
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    Ca seismic and survey notification

    Does anyone recive email from the board as his applocation approved
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    Any body want to sell CA seismic and surveying books?

    I do not have money to buy CA seismic and surveying book, anybody has used books may sell it to me.
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    California licensure requirments discussion

    Here is everthing related California application and national seismic and surveying, if you are interested then share your questions or advices
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    What is the best references for CA Seismic and Survey

    What is the best references for CA Seismic and Survey? share us your experince!!
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    Water resource pass/fail

    Water resource pass/fail?
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    I passed CA water resources

    I passed CA water resources
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    CA is bullshit

    CA is bullshit
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    Results will be released on Friday

    I have a friend just called me and told me that his friend in NCEES told him the results will be released today for all state boards then most of states will release it on Friday evening.
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    California specific seismic and surveying materials

    I need advice, where can I find free California specific seismic and surveying materials?