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    Civilrobot's Experience: Preparing for the Civil Construction PE Exam

    First things first, I want to thank the members of EB. I couldn't have done this without you. There are too many to list, but sharing your experience, your advice, and the hard truths were instrumental to my success. I want to also point folks to the thread I made after I failed in October 2019...
  2. civilrobot PE etc etc

    April 2021 15k Spam Thread

    Back by popular demand. This is our biannual spam fest to help with the post-exam stresses. For the n00bs, the goal is to focus less on the exam, how you did or did not do or the results, and more on unwinding here in the STB subforum and getting this thread to 15,000 posts (maybe this...
  3. civilrobot PE etc etc

    Structural Mechanics Problem - Reaction Forces, Shear, Moment

    Can someone help me to solve this problem? I don't have the full solution. I tried solving on my own but I only solved the first one.  @NJHHEngineer @leggo PE @youngmotivatedengineer and anyone else who could help...
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    NCEES Practice Exams in other Depth Areas

    Was it helpful to buy the NCEES practice exams for a different area than your depth area?  I am sitting for Construction and I think that it might be helpful to get some extra practice in my trouble areas by purchasing the practice exams for the other depth areas. Do you think that is helpful...
  5. civilrobot PE etc etc

    Test Anxiety

    Do you have it? How did you cope when taking the exam?
  6. civilrobot PE etc etc

    How's Your Civil PE Prep Going?

    How's it going?  What are your challenges?  What's your study schedule like? What is working for you?
  7. civilrobot PE etc etc

    Manning's Equation Question

    How do you know when to use Hazen - Williams vs the Darcy-Weisbach equation? 
  8. civilrobot PE etc etc

    Civil Construction PE Prep - Second Attempt

    I've got to be honest, I have no idea where to begin.  I started studying in June 2019. I studied for ~340 hours. Maybe a little more. I stopped counting during the last few weeks leading up to the exam.  I took EET breadth and depth courses on-demand. I also did every practice problem...
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    Maryland is Out

    I did not pass. 
  10. civilrobot PE etc etc

    Practice Exam Performance

    19 days left. I'm completing 6MS problems in about 8-9 minutes.  I'm scoring about 60% on the Indranil Goswami practice exams.  I'm scoring about 80% on the NCEES Civil Construction practice exams.  What can I do to improve? I know the Goswami exams are harder. Should I be concerned? Should...
  11. civilrobot PE etc etc

    Welding References

    Did you carry an additional welding reference into the exam? Out of all of the topics, this one seems the most foreign to me. I see that the AISC Steel Construction Manual has a welding section but is it sufficient? I was talking to an older engineer in my office and he has an entire handbook...
  12. civilrobot PE etc etc

    Handwritten Notes and PE Exam Guideline Questions

    I'm taking the EET prep course for Civil Breadth and Construction Depth. I'm into week 3 of the on-demand course and I started tabbing pages. I have a couple of basic questions: 1. I scribbled some notes here and there in pencil. I'm thinking about tracing over them in ink so that I don't get...
  13. civilrobot PE etc etc

    April 2019 Civil Construction PE Exam - Pass or Fail

    I reviewed the pass rates for April 2019 and it's unfortunately as predictable as previous years.  I'm trying to stay focused on Construction since this is where most of my experience lies, but it's becoming more tempting to jump ship into Structural depth.  Did you pass or fail? How did you...
  14. civilrobot PE etc etc

    Civil - Construction PE Study Schedule

    I was on youtube viewing someone's video about preparing for the PE and he recommended building a study schedule. He had an example in google docs but it was for Mechanical. I wanted to know if anyone had a pretty good study schedule that they followed that was broken out into days of...
  15. civilrobot PE etc etc

    Going Back and Taking the FE Exam AFTER Getting the PE

    I started submitting my paperwork to the licensing office to apply for the PE exam. I received a phone call from the licensing office and the lady encouraged me to sit for the FE exam and now I'm worried. In my state, we have several options when applying to sit for the exam. One is the...
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    Civil: Construction PE Hopeful

    I'm just starting out on my journey to pass the PE exam. I have a BSCE and MBA and I'm a project manager with a construction management firm and I've already acquired my PMP. I'm working on getting my Certified Construction Manager (CCM) credential this year and at the end of the summer, start...