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  1. Dark Knight

    Remembering Mat (aka VTE)

    One more year. Darn...time goes by really fast. Seems like it was yesterday. Hope you enjoyed your Patriots Super Bowl win brother. You are missed. Will see you again one day....just not today.  ;)
  2. Dark Knight

    Dumping Direct and Cable TV

    Am tired of Direct TV and would not consider going back to Cable TV. What are the options out there. I have heard about Amazon Fire, Netflix, and other things but not really sure. Any suggestions?
  3. Dark Knight

    2 Years Already

    Yesterday, Feb 18, was the second anniversary of our friend Mat, VTE, depart. I had all kind of ideas to honor his memory, one of them taking a selfie with a waterproof board with "Remember VTE" written on it. Of course I was not able to do it but does not mean I forgot him. I was snorkeling...
  4. Dark Knight

    Cut Score revealed

    For years this has been one of the most intriguing and discussed topic for PE exam takers. The Cut Score always shows up season after season like a bad penny. Hundreds of question and theories have been thrown into the mix. That until today... Using an algorithm, a very simple one I should say...
  5. Dark Knight

    PE Test Results!!!!!! Good news!!!!!!!!!

    No...I do not know when the results are coming..As a matter of fact I have no clue.But I saved a bunch of money by switching to GEICO....   :) Before you go on a rant and call me names, this is a tradition here in the board. So do not be offended.
  6. Dark Knight

    Two 14 y/o boys missing at sea...Terrible

    This is happening where I used to live. I do not know them or their families but feel for them. On the other hand, what the heck are two 14 y/o boys doing at sea by themselves?
  7. Dark Knight

    Which one will be the first state to release results?

    I bet it will be Texas.
  8. Dark Knight

    Calling it as it is...Milwaukee Police Chief speaks his mind

    Just think this is deeper than just an officer letting his frustrations go. He spoke with the truth, like it or not. Milwaukee Police Chief Goes Off
  9. Dark Knight

    MLB 2014

    VT was usually involved in this thread, to praise his Mets and to predict how they were going to choke in September. In his honor am starting this one and will make a prediction...The Mets will win the World Series this year.
  10. Dark Knight

    Airplane on a treadmill

    I know we discussed this thing once but not sure what was the outcome. Of course, missed the episode on Mith Busters too. What the heck happened with the airplane?
  11. Dark Knight

    I have good news!

    I used to be able to predict the results release date with +/- 2 days accuracy. But not anymore. That being said I have no idea when are they coming... But I save a lot of money by switching to GEICO!!!!!!!!
  12. Dark Knight

    Almost Human

    The first two episodes were pretty good, at least for me. There was a disconnect today with what happened yesterday and the Insindicate(???) organization but I believe that is good. That gives me something to see Monday night. It is me or does this show has a lot of I-Robot?
  13. Dark Knight

    God Bless America...and help it too...please?

    I try to stay away from these kind of sensitive topics but sometimes just cannot. I am amazed that there is still so much ignorance and racism out there. Check the comments on Twitter. Incredible!!!!!!! God Bless America
  14. Dark Knight

    Happy Birthday CSB

    Feliz Birthday CSB. Hope you had, and still having, a good one.
  15. Dark Knight

    Good news...OK...Open the Results Flood Gates!

    The results are about to come out. A source that can be trustED confirmed that e-mail notifications will be received at anytime starting today at 2:20PM. Regular mail notifications to be received after tomorrow depending on your state. On other good news, I saved a bunch of money by switching...
  16. Dark Knight

    Parking Garage Construction Collapses in Miami

    This just happened this morning. As an EE would like to hear what CEs think caused this "pancake collapse".
  17. Dark Knight

    Are all our people from Colorado OK?

    Woke up to read this : Colorado shooting. Colorado is a big state but this was 10 miles from Denver and I think we have at least two members from that area.
  18. Dark Knight

    Happy Birthday VT!!!!

    Hoping you have a good one Bro. Chin up still young man. As someone once said "It is always dark before the dawn"
  19. Dark Knight

    Happy Birthday Mary

    Have a good one!!!! Que tenga usted un feliz día.
  20. Dark Knight

    How does human mind works? Who are you?

    - For young men, it's a picture of a lady with a nice arse but only the most observant will notice that she is crossing a street. - The really observant will notice that she is wearing a thong. -The perverts among them will imagine her naked. - Wiser men will ponder the presence of mind of...