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  1. Freon


    It looks like we will be getting a little weather this evening.  Where I live, we are expecting not much more than a good thunderstorm, but none the less rumor is that the office will close early today and we will use the event to test our emergency action plan tomorrow.  
  2. Freon


    Ladies & Gentlemen,      I just got off a flight from Houston to Frankfurt.  Business Class on a Lufthansa A380.  (This was my second flight on a A380, the first was a short hop in the Mid-East on an Emirates plane.)  My observations: 1)  It is a big SOB, 540 Metric Tons at takeoff.  542...
  3. Freon

    Where am I?

    Ladies & Gentlemen, I am traveling out of the country right now of business. Let me describe to you my morning commute and then guess where I am! 1) I get picked up at my hotel in a right-hand drive Toyota Land Cruiser (A Prado actually) 2) Driver turns down a two-lane street into three...
  4. Freon

    Penn State Mess

    Well the NCAA shit all over Penn State Football, but the real question out there is how will the loss of football revenue affect all the non-revenue sports?
  5. Freon


    Who is out there in the Houston area? I am on the North side of town .
  6. Freon

    Looking for Petroleum Engineering Materials

    Ladies & Gentlemen, I am looking into taking the Petroleum Engineering PE Exam in the next year or so. Anyone out there taken it? I am looking for reference materials. Freon If I pass it, should I put PE2 on my cards?
  7. Freon

    Back in 1775

    Yes, today is the 234th birthday of the Marine Corps. My second one since retiring. But I am heading to the golf course with a bottle of Knob Creek. May God have mercy on the small woodland creatures that live along the course, because I don't think we'll be playing from the fairway that...
  8. Freon

    "Rolling your own"

    One of my kids wants to try building a computer himself. Anyone have a recommendation for a source for a PC "kit"? Freon
  9. Freon

    Explosions & Boobs
  10. Freon


    With all the boob talk; I thought this poll would be in order. My answer: Any time, any where!
  11. Freon

    The "Fire Hose" problem

    Oh mods, please forgive me for making a work related post... I am trying to keep some people from making a mistake here at the office. I need an example of what I have always called "the fire hose problem". The basis of the problem is to show the reason that firemen use sectional hoses...
  12. Freon

    LinkedIn Group

    If there is any interest, I'll set one up. Freon
  13. Freon

    Did anyone take the Petroleum Exam?

    Ladies, Gentlemen & Fudgy, A friend of mine is looking at getting his PE. He works and has a degree in Petroleum Engineering; but the only prep resource we can find on line comes from the SPE. Is it any good? Freon
  14. Freon

    Luck is for Rabbits

    Ladies & Gentlemen, Give'm Hell, we're all pulling for you to get passing letters in three short months! Freon Lot's of: :PASSED2: No: :Failed:
  15. Freon

    Professional Liability Insurance

    I have used my stamp less than ten times in the 2.5 years I have had it. Today my boss came to me and said that he needed me to do some work that I will need to stamp for insurance reasons. So I need to get a professional liability insurance policy. Anyone have any advice as to good...
  16. Freon


    Here is a topic for polite conversation: I work in the offshore petroleum/shipbuilding industry. My background is Chemical and Electrical Engineering. I have noticed that electrical engineers are often despised people around the rigs and shipyards. I will tell you that much of the animosity...
  17. Freon


    Ladies and Gentlemen, I was asked to get "spun up" on doing some heavy lift planning. Anyone out there have any experience doing "Engineered Lifts" with large cranes and heavy, >100 ton, loads? I need some reference materials. Freon
  18. Freon


    Ladies and Gentlemen, I am hoping that the results flood into the state boards this week; just like everyone who took the test in October. No one should have the results hanging over their head during the Christmas Season. But, with the exception of a handful of states that have a proven...
  19. Freon


    I am currently working on building some offshore platforms and I have a co-worker who is a Naval Engineer. He was asking me about getting his PE, but I don't know when a PE stamp would be required in his field. Freon, Electrical P.E.
  20. Freon


    I am in the interview process with Engineering Design and Testing Corp. Does anyone out there know anything about the company? Freon