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  1. leggo PE

    Finishing a Wood Project

    Hello woodworking geniuses of EB! I shall be the first to admit how little experience I have with any sort of woodwork, for better or worse. Anyway, that’s about to change a little bit! Mr. Leggo and I have purchased a raw wood entertainment center that will require some minor assembly (we’re...
  2. leggo PE

    Which Remaining State Will Be Last to Release?

    Who’ve ya got?
  3. leggo PE


    Not here yet? Come check out the spam thread to let off some steam: Spam til your heart’s content! Check out some other games in the Games forum, as well. It’s a fun way to connect with other EBers! If...
  4. leggo PE

    Happy Hanukkah!

    Happy Hanukkah, EB!
  5. leggo PE


    You were one of the greatest. I cannot believe you're gone, but hope you are resting in peace.
  6. leggo PE

    Happy birthday, YMZ PE!

    Hope it's the best one yet, @YMZ PE!  :happybday: Cheers!  :beerchug:
  7. leggo PE


    Hey everyone!  Now that results are out for (most of the) states, it's a good time to think about supporting EB! is run by your fellow engineers for you and your fellow engineers. Any small donation is great, or you could consider becoming a Supporting Member! It has it's...
  8. leggo PE

    Happy birthday, Supe!

    Happy birthday, buddy! Hope it's a great one!
  9. leggo PE

    EB Pigskin Pick'Em 2019-2020

    Here we go, kiddos! As promised, I, leggo PE, am here, organizing this year's EB Pigskin Pick'Em. Here we go! It's being hosted on the superior (to CBS Sports) platform of ESPN. We're going with the confidence route, which was the same format as last year. Basically, in short, you pick the...
  10. leggo PE

    New Jersey Results!

    Here's a spot for you to talk about NJ results when they come out. In recent years, it's been quite a ride to get them!
  11. leggo PE

    RIP Aretha Franklin

    Damn, and we lose another great. She will truly be nearly immortal with all she contributed to music.
  12. leggo PE

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Is anyone else following the World Cup this time around? I've been catching bits of games here and there, and generally following it, even though the States royally messed up and didn't even qualify. Just watched the second half of the Argentina-Croatia game on my lunch break and wow...
  13. leggo PE


    Are NEVER coming if you guys seriously don't spam more.
  14. leggo PE

    TX Results

    They usually release on the first day. Anyone heard anything?
  15. leggo PE

    Winter Olympics 2018

    Should be fun! What are your all favorite sports to watch in the Winter Games? Rooting for anyone in particular?
  16. leggo PE

    Happy birthday, Ken PE!

    Happy birthday, @Ken PE 3.1!
  17. leggo PE

    Happy birthday, kf!!

    Hope it's the best one yet, @knight1fox3!
  18. leggo PE

    When will CA release results?

    Will they continue the trend they started last cycle, and release on the first day? Or will it be like last December, when they were a whole week later? Only time will tell.
  19. leggo PE

    Watcha reading?

    Simple topic. Have you read any good books lately? Or are you reading anything really good right now? If you had to pick one, what is your favorite book? Do you have any favorite authors? I'll start! I joined a new book club a few months ago, and right now, we're reading Murder on the Orient...
  20. leggo PE


    What's your favorite bagel combo?