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  1. snickerd3

    Sodastream recommendations?

    Anyone have a soda stream? Which version do you have? Do you like it? Do you really get 60L out of one CO2 canister?
  2. snickerd3

    NCEES Records free for active military

    Just read in the newsletter, Active military and their spouse will be given free processing of their NCEES Records when they are re-located and need to get another state license.
  3. snickerd3

    Mars Rover

    Images from the Mars Perseverance Rover Be ready to lose track of time.
  4. snickerd3

    2020-2021 questions costs

    NCESS just listed their replacement costs for test questions. CBT item $1,721 Pencil&paper exam multiple choice $2,316 Pencil&paper exam constructed response $16, 361
  5. snickerd3

    Puzzle of the day

  6. snickerd3

    Happy Birthday CSB!!

    Happy Birthday!!!  
  7. snickerd3

    IL PDH opportunity

    Just got the IL DFPR quarterly news letter for Design professionals which includes PE, SE, surveyor type etc...  for the first time ever in an email.  At the back is  official certificate for 0.25 PDHs for reading and understanding the newsletter!!!  ...
  8. snickerd3

    Happy Birthday CSB!!

    Happy Birthday!!!🍧🎂
  9. snickerd3

    CBT...anyone try it yet?

    so has anyone been brave enough to venture into the CBT test yet?  
  10. snickerd3

    Happy Birthday Ble

    Happy birthday dude.  Can't post at work or else i would have started it sooner
  11. snickerd3

    Paperless states?

    IL is going completely paperless for all licenses...I went to renew my license and on the main page they explain they aren't providing paper licenses anymore to save $ on paper, postage etc.  They send you to a link and you can print off one for yourself.   
  12. snickerd3

    Kid's sports

    You know you are a helicopter parent when the police get called to the baseball game when you assault the umpire over the strike zone of an 8yr old.   Happened last night.  The cops were called over when the visiting team on the other field had a parent start verbally assaulting the umpire...
  13. snickerd3

    CBT is coming...

    The latest NCEES newletter is highly devoted to CBT.  They have a 6 yr plan to get all the tests computerized. 
  14. snickerd3

    happy birthday tehmightyengineer

    happy birthday @TehMightyEngineer
  15. snickerd3

    Happy birthday Judowolf

    Happy Birthday!
  16. snickerd3

    Happy belated b-day DK!!!!

    feliz cumpleaños
  17. snickerd3

    Happy Valentine's/Singles Awareness Day

    Have a happy day!
  18. snickerd3

    Happy Groundhog Day!!!

    6 more weeks of cold!!!!!!  
  19. snickerd3

    The switch to CBT PE has really begun

    I had seen hints that CBT was coming sooner rather than later, but I didn't think this soon!!!  Only one more paper and pencil offering of the Chemical test!!!
  20. snickerd3

    Wisconsin Dells

    Anyone been there recently?  Trying to figure out a family vacation for this summer.  It's been years since I have been there.