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  1. Sapper PE LS

    Happy Birthday Sap!

    Thank you thank you.  I don’t look a day over 92... Also thanks to those who posted birthday wishes on Facebook.
  2. Sapper PE LS

    I passed in CT

    the surveying jurisprudence exam!  Yay!
  3. Sapper PE LS

    Happy Birthday Sap

    See, I still had to start it myself!  But yeah,I haven't been around much, I know.
  4. Sapper PE LS


    So, as of this past Friday at approximately 2:30 PM, I sold my house in Virginia!!!  I can not begin to express how relieved I am... but also how sad I am that it is now not part of my life.  My wife and I bought it in 2004 when she was pregnant with our oldest.  We poured our souls into that...
  5. Sapper PE LS


    It happens to all of us.  First it's a whisker on your chin that you try to convince yourself is just blonde, not gray or silver.  Then, it's the increased waist size, dammit, these jeans fit fifteen years ago, why can't I still fit in a size 34 waist, I haven't put on that much weight, have I? ...
  6. Sapper PE LS

    The "spam till CT JP exam is released" thread

    Fuck it.  I'll start my own spam thread, because apparently, CT is regressing in their abilities while NCEES is moving into the modern era.
  7. Sapper PE LS

    Sales Reps, please don't do this

    The following is an email I received this morning from a sales rep.  Now, I am not a grammar nazi, but I prefer my professional email correspondence to be generally coherent, not something that looks like a 6th grader texted it.
  8. Sapper PE LS

    Waiting again for Jurisprudence

    Still waiting.  I'll almost certainly be in Iraq by the time the results are available.
  9. Sapper PE LS

    New Era in Sap Household

    So, we've reached a new era in the sapper home.  After basically 11 years (there was a couple years break between number 1 and number 2) we are done with cribs and changing tables. Little Sap #3 graduated to his big boy bed today.  Last night, I put him to bed, half an hour later I hear crying...
  10. Sapper PE LS

    Christmas Drinking Game

    Rules: This Christmas.  Whenever somebody says "Happy Holidays", drink and post in here. Whenever somebody says "See you next year" referencing any moment immediately after January 1st, drink and post in here. Whenever a kid defiantly says "No!" about anything drink and post in here...
  11. Sapper PE LS

    CT State Specific Surveying Exam Results

    Come on, come on, come on, release those results already!
  12. Sapper PE LS

    CT Results

    Why give up PCS only to fail us now?
  13. Sapper PE LS

    Let's all give a round of applause to NCEES

    Seriously, NCEES, good job! Earliest results release in the past nine years... possibly ever. Kudos to the hard working folks at NCEES for constantly improving the turn around time and process by which they administer, grade, and notify candidates of results on these exams.
  14. Sapper PE LS

    In Response to Dr. Elgin

    I recently read this article at the American Surveyor website and felt that I couldn't let it go without comment. Even if nobody of real consequence reads my reply, I still feel compelled to respond. So, I figured I'd put it here, because... why not. First, I mean no disrespect to Dr. Elgin...
  15. Sapper PE LS

    Yep, this sh*t again

    The official April 2015 exam results waiting game. Person who gets post number 10,000 will get a high five. Person with most number of top of pages will get a low five. At least three characters per post. No double posting. Let the mayhem begin.
  16. Sapper PE LS

    In honor of fudgey

    Saw this in another board. Absolutely had to steal it and post it here.
  17. Sapper PE LS

    I'm drinking bourbon tonight

    Who's gonna join me?
  18. Sapper PE LS

    The price of a PE license prep board

    As of yesterday, the cost to run this place has doubled. The amount of traffic that has been on the board the past two weeks just pushed Engineer Boards into the next pricing bracket and that value is close to $400 per month. It was close to $200 per month just a week ago. There are some other...
  19. Sapper PE LS

    Post here if you passed

    This will be the official "I Passed, YAY ME!" thread this exam cycle. Post here when you pass. Type of exam, date you found out.
  20. Sapper PE LS

    Okay VETS

    Alright veterans. I know we're all trying to have fun, but let's make our joke stories about why the results are delayed so preposterous that it is impossible to miss the fact that it's not true. I like having fun as much as the next guy, but who knows which one of the noobs might be off...