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  1. youngmotivatedengineer

    NJ Professional Planner

    Has anybody in NJ gotten their Professional Planner designation after becoming a Professional Engineer? I am trying to find clarification on the process as well as the exam itself, but it's so hard to find it almost feels secretive.
  2. youngmotivatedengineer


    Does anyone have reccomendations for free GIS mapping software? Not looking to do anything crazy. Basically outline/identify a property, draw a specified offset around the site ( i.e 1 mile radius etc.) and import data points from an excel fIle which identifies specific items within this radius...
  3. youngmotivatedengineer

    Wall Certificate-NJ

    After over 3 months of scores being released, initial license processed  and processed license renewal, New Jersey has finally shipped out my wall certificate. 
  4. youngmotivatedengineer

    Happy Test Month

    Happy test month to my fellow test takers this session.  As you're finishing your prep, make sure you also take them to learn your calculator and what it can do for you. For example, the casio has a function solver, which can come in handy to save some time as well as avoid possible math errors...
  5. youngmotivatedengineer

    EET Adobe Connect

    Has anyone currently taking or previously took the EET live review classhave issues with the Adobe Connect plug-ins for the computer?if I view without thr plugins, the presentation lags. When I install the plug-in it's not allowing me to connect to the live meetings but opens the recorded...
  6. youngmotivatedengineer

    Energy for studying

    For those who have previously studied for the exam, what are your best tips for having energy to stay focused during studying?  I have 2 young girlsand work a full-time job so most of my studying is done late night after the girls are in bed. For the April exam there were some nights I found...
  7. youngmotivatedengineer

    EET Construction depth

    If anybody is thinking about doing EET Construction Depth webinar option, the 1st session is next Saturday. 
  8. youngmotivatedengineer

    Exam Fee

    Did NJ switch over to NCEES collecting the exam fee instead of PCS? Im pretty sure for April I registered with NCEES and then was directed to PCS for payment. I went to register through NCEES for my retake but it was asking for $250 fee through NCEES.
  9. youngmotivatedengineer

    Note organization

    For this 2nd round, I am trying to prepare myself more and use additional resources to help get ready for the test. For those of you who have used multiple review courses, did you find it better to keep the notes separate by provider or combine them and sort by topic?
  10. youngmotivatedengineer

    ACI SP-4

    Is there anybody that passed the construction depth that plans on selling/getting rid of their reference items?  I am looking for a copy of the ACI SP-4. Thanks
  11. youngmotivatedengineer

    MUTCD Taper length

    In chapter 6 of the MUTCD, there are 2 formulas for calculating taper length. One of the formulas mention offset distance.  What exactly is the offset distance?  Going through the manual and online I couldn't find a clear definition if what this distance is.
  12. youngmotivatedengineer

    Nj is out

    Haven't had the guts to open it yet
  13. youngmotivatedengineer

    Quantity of Reference Material?

    How much reference material is too much for test day?  If you brought a bunch of materials to the exam did you find it helpful?  I was amazed on Friday seeing the different material everybody brought to the exam. You had the people that fit everything into a book bag, some had 1 file box or...
  14. youngmotivatedengineer


    Has anybody used sample problems from DynamicPath? I signed up for their daily emails and while most have seemed good, there's been a few questionable questions where they haven't always been able to provide reference material to back up their answer choice. 1 question was about the worst case...
  15. youngmotivatedengineer

    Test day references

    What us the best way to organize loose paper references for exam day? Is it best to use large binders to hold multiple references and types of notes in 1 spit, or multiple small binders so that each reference is independent of one another? I thought about doing them all individually,  but having...
  16. youngmotivatedengineer

    PE Reference Manual

    Has anybody used Civil Engineering All-In-One PE Exam Guide: Breadth and Depth, Third Edition 3rd Edition, by Indranil Goswami? If so, what was your experience with the book?  I was looking at the Lindeburg book and then came across this book for a fraction of the cost. I know the old saying...
  17. youngmotivatedengineer

    Hello from NJ

    My name is William and I graduated with Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering degree in 2006. I spent about 5 years doing construction management for residential construction/renovation company upon graduation.  For the past 3-1/2 years I have been working on design aspect of site layout and...