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    CA Survey Exam References - The Collected Works

    Do you want to leave Prometric wondering if you passed the CA Surveying Exam, or walk out confidently knowing you passed the exam? I passed the CA Surveying Exam on the first try with this beautiful collection of modern and antique collectibles.   The collection has been thoughtfully procured...
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    Hiner Seismic (2018 IBC) and AEI Seismic Practice Exam - 4th Edition (2018 IBC)

    Both of these books were used to successfully pass the CA Seismic Exam on the first try.    Now they are waiting for YOU to continue the good luck streak.  These riveting non-fiction books have been sitting in quarantine since July and have maintained a strict social bubble with other...
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    CA Seismic Q2 Authorization

    Has anyone heard back from the Board for Q2 authorizations?   I am a comity applicant and my application was received on Nov 7, 2019.  Check was cashed on Nov 12th.    I have not heard back at all.  I sent an email a week ago asking for an update and no response.   It's been 105 days now which...