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  1. Greennie PE

    Marking Up in Bluebeam

    Does anyone use or recommend a usb tablet for drawing markups in Bluebeam? It can become a little tedious when trying to draw designs out using a mouse and the drawing tools. Being remote I only have access to an 11x17 printer, and D size drawings can sometimes print too small to fit...
  2. Greennie PE

    Affordable Housing

    So to combat our "affordable housing crisis" down here, a developer is going to start building 336sqft homes in our downtown area. I don't know if this is good or bad yet, but I can only imagine what those houses will be like 20-30 years from now. I don't exactly see the point when we have new...
  3. Greennie PE

    Santa Claus

    Does anyone actually tell their kids Santa Claus is real anymore? Growing up that wasn't something my parents taught me. But I'm interested if parents still do it and why.
  4. Greennie PE

    Alaska Earthquake

    I saw a news story saying there was a 7.5 and a tsunami warning? All the Alaskans okay?
  5. Greennie PE

    The good things about 2020

    2020 Seems to not be going so well, and I don't think anyone would disagree. I'm sure there are good things that have happened this year, but have been eclipsed by the bad. If you feel like sharing anything good that has happened to you or anything good happening around you feel free to post.
  6. Greennie PE

    I don't know who needs to hear this...

    But you just lost the game.
  7. Greennie PE

    Google Career Certificates

    Anyone think their company will accept Google Career Certificates instead of 4 year degrees? Can't say it will replace an engineering degree any time soon...
  8. Greennie PE

    Interview Question

    What would your answer be... Give an example of where you were aware of an error likely situation and you took specific steps to prevent errors.
  9. Greennie PE

    Your Most Listened to Songs

    While on the topic of music... Most music streaming platforms (google play music, apple music, spotify, etc.) can show you your most played songs. For Google, you'll need to visit the web player on a desktop then navigate to your library>songs and sort by number of plays. For Apple, you...
  10. Greennie PE

    Most Popular Music Artist by State

    I honestly couldn't tell you if I've ever heard a Drake song before. Definitely couldn't tell you if one was playing or not. I feel maybe I should listen to him some? But I hate Hip Hop/Rap. Also, who is Kevin Gates and Future? Results are based on streaming numbers.
  11. Greennie PE

    Most Popular Music Genre by State

    Results are based on top genres in terms of live performances.
  12. Greennie PE

    2020 So Far

    In no particular order, some things that have happened in 2020 (I'm sure I've missed many more): Australia wildfires Iran attacks US military base in Iraq Ukrainian flight crashes, all 176 passengers die Kobe and Gigi Bryant die in kelicopter crash Ahmaud Arbery killed George Floyd killed...
  13. Greennie PE

    New Topic Creation Test

    I wonder if it will give me an error after clicking "Submit Topic."
  14. Greennie PE

    Germany forcing dog owners to walk dogs

    It's not the worst idea Germanys had before, but I doubt it could be enforced. I do understand where they're coming from, and agree with the statement "they're not cuddle toys" and need their own stimulation. If you don't have time to give a dog its needs, don't get a dog. ...
  15. Greennie PE

    Android vs iOS US Map

    IDK If these are getting old, but I enjoy seeing comparisons of different states. Here's an interesting one. The map makes it look like iOS dominates the market, yet the market share of iOS is ~54% and Android is ~42%. Significantly different from the market share numbers for the world (Android...
  16. Greennie PE

    Safest US States for Drivers

    Yet somehow my car insurance was almost cut in half by moving from FL to TN...
  17. Greennie PE

    Happy Professional Engineers Day

    Happy PE day
  18. Greennie PE

    Happy π Day!

    Happy pi day everyone!
  19. Greennie PE

    Updated NCEES Sample Exam Index (and Cram)

    There was another index on this forum, but it looks like it's outdated. I went through the recent posts and linked them here. Since the NCEES sample exam has changed recently, there may be a few questions from the pre-2018 version. If you find more, just post it again and I can update this post...
  20. Greennie PE

    Order of the Engineer Has anyone taken the obligation and attended a ring ceremony?