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    New Jersey Digital Signature/Seal Question

    Hi all! I have a question about the NJ seal requirements.  I just recently received my NJ License by comity.  My understanding is that as of 2016, they accept both embossed and digital stamps.  My question is, after an exhaustive search, all I can find is that the digital seal/signature must...
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    GA License via Comity

    Hello all! I recently (read August 26th) applied for licensure via Comity in the state of GA.  Their license FAQ notes that it typically takes 10-15 days for a Comity license to be approved, once all items have been received. It also adds that approval does't necessarily align with board...
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    Since we didn't have one set up yet.  Here is the PA results thread. Post your results here! PA (Philly Area) - Pass (2nd Attempt)