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  1. Stardust

    SE Exam - Oct 2021 Codes

    Hello, do you know if there's been any news on NCEES changing code year for the Oct 2021 cycle? I'm guessing no and we'll have to wait after the April cycle to find out..
  2. Stardust

    Applying to New York PE (Civil) License

    I need to apply to the NY license ASAP thru NCEES. I have my NCEES pretty up-to-date. If you have recently gone thru or are familiar with the process, please share your knowledge. I'm currently licensed in California btw. Thank you!
  3. Stardust

    No Code Change Through April 2021 !

    In case you didn't know. It's nice that NCEES lets us know about it early. The way they worded it though makes it sound like at least some code change is very likely for Oct 2021. June 19, 2020 NCEES posts design standards for April 2021 exam administration Due...
  4. Stardust

    Job Security, COVID-19 version

    I'm trying to think ahead in case COVID-19 gets much worse in the States and starts to affect say the construction industry. I'd like to know how do you think it's gonna affect civil engineers going forward? Anything different happens at your job, aside from working from home? I'd think...
  5. Stardust

    AEI SE Vertical Building - April 2020

    So who's taking this class? Starting next Sunday! I'm looking thru the materials (my first try) and am at a loss while reviewing the PM stuff. No way I can put together all that work in an hour -_-;;;;
  6. Stardust

    New code for CA Seismic

    FYI... Effective January 2020, the California Board for Professional Engineers will begin using the 2019 California Building Code (CBC 2019) and the ASCE 7-16 as the building code and seismic load standard for the CA seismic exam. Good luck, that exam wasn't easy!
  7. Stardust

    CA Seismic Practice Exams - Difficulty

    Howdy, for those that have taken any of the following practice exams as well as the CA Seismic exam, I have a question on the level of difficulty. Please respond with a number: 1 to 5 where 1 = way easier, 2 = somewhat easier, 3 = close to reality, 4 = somewhat harder, and 5 = way harder. PPI...