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  1. Supe

    Prime Day 2020

    Post up your finds/deals here. Nothing too exciting this morning for us - just a three pack of Gorilla Grip cutting boards to replace our worn out ones that slide around too much.  
  2. Supe

    The Cooking Thread

    Your one stop cooking thread.  Turkey bacon not allowed.  If you can find it at a bakery, it belongs in the Baking thread. Let 'er rip!
  3. Supe

    Conical washer/spacer?

    Anyone know if there's an off the shelf item (or name for this type of washer/spacer) that fills the recess of an 82 degree countersink to make the surface flat?  My application requires a flat surface to mount a spacer, whereas it was previously attached via a  3/8-16 flat head socket cap screw.
  4. Supe

    Happy Birthday CSB & Fudgey!

    :(   :winko:
  5. Supe

    The Breakfast Thread

    3 scrambled eggs with turkey sausage crumbles, spinach, and Heartbreaking Dawn's 1498 hot sauce. Black coffee.
  6. Supe

    The 2019 Garden Thread

    Last of the peppers went in this past weekend.  This year's pepper crop: -Jalapenos 2X -Habaneros 2X -Mad Hatters -Cayenne -Ghost Peppers -Hot Bananas -Ancho Chiles 3X -Carolina Reapers 2X -Couple of sweet/milder for Mrs. Supe Almost didn't get the reapers in this year.  Puckerbutt...
  7. Supe

    If/Countif nested question

    Fighting with Excel (which I use VERY rarely).  I want to have a cell return a "yes" value when a countif function returns a value >4, without having to have a separate "helper" column. i.e. - I want cell E4 to give me a "Yes" when the number of cells in H4:R4 containing any value >0 is...
  8. Supe

    3D Printers

    Any 3D printer users on board?  Starting to look at some options for a 300x300x300mm printer in the sub-$500 range.  Intended purpose is mostly small clamps/brackets/housings for parts for the race car, but also some building block style header mockup parts: Any recommendations?  I've looked...
  9. Supe

    Best Thanksgiving Recipes?

    Anyone have any must-have Thanksgiving recipes?  Maybe something a step up from the canned, congealed cranberry glop?  We're headed to my sister's for Thanksgiving this year, which means I'm at the helm for dinner prep. We're not big on turkey, so current plans are for brined baked chicken...
  10. Supe

    The 2018 Garden Thread

    Time for the 2018 garden thread.  Post 'em up. This year's pepper spread: -Dragon Cayenne (potted, 2x) -Cowhorn -Garden Salsa -Mammoth Jalapeno -Jalapeno -Habanero (2x) -Carolina Reaper (potted, 2x) For tomatoes, I've got two big designated pots: German Johnson and Beefmaster (heh)
  11. Supe

    Button head sheet metal screws

    Anyone have any leads as to where I can find small quantities of stainless steel, button head sheet metal screws that take a standard allen key?  I have only had luck finding cap screws or button heads that take security/torx bits.  
  12. Supe

    Christmas Gifts

    Post up - what swag did you bring in for X-mas this year? I got a King Kong brand gym bag, the adjustable Drill Doctor, a set of cobalt drill bits, and a new dress belt for work. Mrs. Supe got a bunch of clothes and miscellaneous crap from the family, and a Fitbit HR from me, which she wanted...
  13. Supe

    Online Tailors

    Anyone ever used any of the online tailor/custom clothing suppliers? The more I work out, the more disproportionate I get from the off the shelf cuts of clothing.  I have found one make/model of dress shirt that comes close to fitting, and it is often not available in my size (frequently sold...
  14. Supe

    Rosetta Stone

    Has anyone here used the Rosetta Stone software?  If so, what'd you think of it?  We have an opportunity to buy at a very steep discount through our company, and they may even let us expense the balance.  I thought about picking up the Japanese module, as we will have extensive involvement with...
  15. Supe

    (Un)happy National Grouch Day!

    According to Sesame Street Magazine, October 15th is National Grouch Day -- a day for all Grouches to celebrate their way of life. A Grouch's mission in life is to be as miserable and grouchy as possible, and pass that feeling on to everyone else. Only then will a Grouch feel in touch with his...
  16. Supe

    European Vacation (No, not the National Lampoon kind)

    Has anyone here ever traveled to Prague, Croatia, or Budapest? My sister had a travel partner who backed out during the planning stages, and asked if I'd want to travel with her. For the three countries, it was an 8 day package which included all travel and hotels (including travel between the...
  17. Supe

    NFL 2015

    Yay! Yay! LOL Eagles, LOL.
  18. Supe

    "Groundhog bites Mayor on live TV" I guess the Honey Badger ain't got nuthin' on Punxsutawney Phil this year.
  19. Supe

    College Football 2014

    May as well get this one up and running. So, looking like Braxton Miller is already done for the year at Ohio State after reinjuring his shoulder. His replacement? A redshirt freshman. That said, my contribution to this thread will probably stop here accordingly... Who do you have as your...
  20. Supe

    Replacing HVAC units

    Two zone, 2600 sq/ft home, air handler in the attic and another in the crawlspace (crawlspace foundation). How many thousands can I expect to get slammed for on replacing two units? They are both old Carrier units on their last leg, and the upstairs unit is undersized. They both have slow...