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  1. akwooly

    Football 2021 (NFL / NCAA)

    New season has started! #GOHAWKS!
  2. akwooly

    Random Topics 3.1

    salsa and any dip.
  3. akwooly

    Fantasy Football 2021

    I want in!!! Sorry been crazy busy and haven’t checked in awhile.
  4. akwooly

    The Pet Thread

    Ol’ girl had the best weekend ever. Swimming, fetching, harassing beavers and chasing kids on the gravel bar.
  5. akwooly

    The Baking Thread

    Thanks Leggo! The three strand braid was easy and looks cool. My kids think I am some kind of pro baker now. It tasted delicious. And it makes awesome French toast.
  6. akwooly

    The Baking Thread

    First attempt at challah bread
  7. akwooly

    The Cooking Thread

    Roasting garlic right now and the aroma from downstairs is making me hungry.
  8. akwooly

    Anybody want to talk about WandaVision? (Spoilers!!!)

    Yeah, screw that guy Hayward.
  9. akwooly

    The Mandalorian (Spoilers)

    Cancel harder.
  10. akwooly

    Little things that make you happy

    I made this comment seven years ago and I will repeat, gaining daylight!
  11. akwooly

    The Mandalorian (Spoilers)

    Disney has the freedom to not associate with Gina Carano just as you have the freedom to cancel Disney.
  12. akwooly

    The Mandalorian (Spoilers)

    lol. Woke. You think she held the madalorian series together? She won’t be missed in the next season.
  13. akwooly

    Anybody want to talk about WandaVision? (Spoilers!!!)

    Oh man. I have never seen that show. I now know to avoid it! Thanks for the heads up jeb!
  14. akwooly

    Anybody want to talk about WandaVision? (Spoilers!!!)

    Yes. Ep.4 pretty much said it was Wanda.
  15. akwooly

    Anybody want to talk about WandaVision? (Spoilers!!!)

    She is funny as hell. I say they have a show.
  16. akwooly

    Nutrition, Diet, and Exercise: Notes, Goals, and Resources (these people just keep talking about crossfit)

    You do Elite fitness. So you are Elite and not mortal.