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  1. Sparky Bill PE

    Anyone get results yet today?

    Got a good buddy waiting on his, don't know if it will be this week or next week, just curious if results have came out today.
  2. Sparky Bill PE

    Best references for studying the NEC as a single unit?

    Hey guys, I am going to take my "Master Electrician State License" and the main book is of course the NEC. I know the NEC well from the PE but I do need to learn it at even a deeper level. I have the CI 300 NEC problems book, does anyone else have any references you would recommend?
  3. Sparky Bill PE


    Guys it is Monday morning and I'm FEELING GOOD AND LOOKING GOOD! I want every person that reads this to enjoy their PE, or get HYPED UP AND GO STUDY NOW!!! Had a couple of conversations this morning and nothing feels better than starting with "As a Professional Engineer........" I noticed after...
  4. Sparky Bill PE

    Any engineers here have their PMP and mind if I private message them some questions?

    Got my PE and my next to-do is possibly getting a PMP. Had a few questions for someone that has taken the exam before.
  5. Sparky Bill PE

    My interview with Zach Stone on how I passed the PE Exam

    Hey guys! Posting this video that Zach and I made together because I would have loved to hear something like this when I took the exam. I would research like crazy on different study methods, what works, what do they wish they knew etc. If you have any more questions about my study methods or...
  6. Sparky Bill PE


    Over 500 hours studied, worked over 2500 problems, been studying since last October (14 months) and with THE BEST IN THE DAMN BUSINESS Zach Stone by my side. I walked into that test my first time and dominated it! I am honored to be part of the Professional Engineers.
  7. Sparky Bill PE

    help calculating voltage of a battery

    Looking at Zn, I don't know when to use the -.67 or the -1.25 I don't know why it has 2 values.   
  8. Sparky Bill PE


  9. Sparky Bill PE

    NCEES prob 522

    Where is the voltage of 90 degrees we are subtracting from? I'm remembering why the other 2 times I studied my ass off and exam got canceled I got frustrated at the white book. I have worked 50 of these problems and never seen a random 90 degree subtraction coming in. Just like the voltage drop...
  10. Sparky Bill PE

    ncees exam 518

    Why do I take the peak voltage before doing my calculation instead of just using my RMS? Is this some battery thing I don't know about where the 60V on the other side is considered a "peak" voltage?  
  11. Sparky Bill PE

    NCEES 506 transformer ratio problem

    I'm sure it's because I'm tired, but I can't follow the solution of "because the connection, the high side is the phase voltage"......  
  12. Sparky Bill PE

    NCEES exam problem 129. I am now freaking out about voltage drop

    It says "You can use the other formula and get same answer, and I'm not getting same answer. I'm getting like 473.8 (of course just enough to make you chose wrong answer). What am I missing here?  I don't see anywhere in reference handbook, or NEC telling me to use this method of keeping the...
  13. Sparky Bill PE

    ncees exam 507 number of poles

    Can someone try to put this in terms I can understand? The solution is you should just "assume 4 because the motor is going to run slightly faster than rated speed".  I don't work in the motor fields, but if the motor is designed with 4 poles why wouldn't the name plate say it has 1,800 RPM...
  14. Sparky Bill PE

    CI exam test 2 question 12, voltage drop

    Does anyone else get the same answer they do? I get closer to D. Why aren't they finding the "Z effective Impedance" instead of just using R and X?
  15. Sparky Bill PE

    Main purpose of overprotection in NEC or any other literature?

    I can't find this in NEC or any other literature I was looking in. I could see this being a PE question, but I don't want to take this books "word for it" without verifying it. 
  16. Sparky Bill PE

    Help calculating Neutral current

    When I solve this problem, I am using Load C and A to get my angle of current. I am giving the PF of the load, so I am taking the conjugant. In this solution It is using 240-angel and 120-angle and I don't know why they are doing that when finding current. 
  17. Sparky Bill PE

    NEC Question about getting amps for conductor sizing

    I'm assuming the "gotcha" here is you don't multiple this current by 1.25% even tho its a continuous motor to size your cable?  
  18. Sparky Bill PE

    Complex Imaginary question 31 NEC problem

    Can someone help me connect the dots, I don't know how to know just to automatically go to #3 at 430.24
  19. Sparky Bill PE

    Question determining turns ratio

    I guess I'm an idiot, how is the turns not .5 since vp/vs = 300/500 = .5? .
  20. Sparky Bill PE

    Voltage drop using new reference handbook for 3 phase NOT unity power factor

    I don't see how this formula can be line-to-neutral voltage drop, when it doesn't even consider the length of cable run.