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  1. LyceeFruit PE

    License by Comity - Ohio

    Ok so I've gotta do my NCEES record - I'm working on it. But I'm looking at the requirements for one of the states I'm told to get. And they require a photo. So like a passport photo?  @Will.I.Am PE did you need to submit a photo for your OH application?  I want to make sure I get the format...
  2. LyceeFruit PE


    I'm one of TWO for Vermont this cycle! Yay go us! I passed, finally, MAJOR YAY!   
  3. LyceeFruit PE

    Oct 2019 - Failing scores

    I know some folks have posted their failing scores in the various other threads. But if you're up to it, please post your power score here. Diagnostic too if you want (crop out your name). No pressure, no judgement. If you want, you can PM me and Ill post it for you. Ive failed 6 times and...
  4. LyceeFruit PE

    But why!?!?!?!?!?!?!11111!!!!

    WHY IS 2019 AT THE END OF THE LIST @Road Guy?!?! Why can't it be at the top, in front of the 2 2018 forums!?!
  5. LyceeFruit PE


    Anyone participating? I wish I could fine my nicer pens rn but my roller ball pen is ok-ish for now
  6. LyceeFruit PE

    Completed Problem Sets & Organization

    So last spring, I re-organized my completed problems by approximate topic. I did it too close to the test to really break it down further and create an index. I'm looking to re-do my completed problems but I wondering if my method would make sense to me in the long run or now. I currently...
  7. LyceeFruit PE

    Ridiculous Inventions

    This is pretty hilarious, was posted in one of my hiking groups...
  8. LyceeFruit PE

    Favorite subject

    Tbh, I've been in a funk with studying until recently. I tried to make myself start studying with the area I'm weakest in (rotating machines) and I wasn't getting anywhere. So I lost time and was feeling anxious/stressed because I'm sick of this test. Regrouped and I'm going through the...
  9. LyceeFruit PE

    Those who failed Power, April 2019

    Here's the thread for those who failed to post their score (or PM to me if you'd rather not say publicly) so we can may figure out a cutscore and make data finding easier. 48/80 Induction/Synchronous machines was my absolute worst section. 
  10. LyceeFruit PE

    Vermont Results

    1233pm EST, 13 May. I'm solo but making it anyway. Just in case.
  11. LyceeFruit PE

    2017 Complex Imaginary

    So I have an old copy of the Complex Imaginary books - I inherited a bunch of material from coworkers who took the exam before the test was updated to NEC 2017 & the huge shift to protection. I went on their website to find out if there was an updated version. And it looks like they did...
  12. LyceeFruit PE

    Vermont Results

    No, not out yet. I'm not one for trolling & such. Just creating the thread now while I'm thinking about it. Board meets on Friday, don't recall if that affects anything or not. Good luck to the ~20 other people I shared the room with.