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  1. structenginny

    Reexamination for Q2 anyone?

    I mailed in my reexam application the day I found out Dec 2020 results, on January 7th I think. It arrived that week in the BPESLG office. I sent in a cashier’s check so I unfortunately don’t have a way to check if it was cashed or not. Did anyone get their ATT yet or get approved for testing...
  2. structenginny

    Is April 2020 exam showing up as "Available" to register for anyone else???

    NCEES won't let me register for the FE since I already passed, but it's letting me register for the PE.. FE shows up as "Exam of this type has already been passed", while PE Civil shows up as "Available". I took the Oct 2019 exam in a state that doesn't release until the second day so I won't be...