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    Kentucky Initial PE Licensure/Tennessee Licensure By Comity

    Was waiting for my Tennessee application to complete prior to updating this for posterity. Took until 6/15 for my final reference to complete their form on NCEES. Submitted my state application and NCEES record to KYBOELS on 6/16 and my license was issued 7/7. Took another week for my paper...
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    Where to Order the Stamps?

    What's the opinion on self-inking vs. pre-inked? Any users of the pre-inked pocket stamp? I'd lean towards the pocket stamp simply because the physical stamps aren't going to get much use with the digital workflow, so reducing storage space taken up by them is attractive.
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    Kentucky Initial PE Licensure/Tennessee Licensure By Comity

    Has anyone gone through either or both of these processes recently and have a rough estimation on the timeline? I work in TN, but sat for the exam in KY due to not having to satisfy the experience requirement prior to sitting for the exam - thus I'm now past the exam and have fulfilled my...
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    State Release Notes - Apr 2021

    Kentucky released 2:57 Eastern
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    April 2021 Results Map

    Registered to say KY released at 1:57 central Passed first shot!