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    Everything you wanted to know about the CA-Survey/Seismic Civil PE Exams

    I received my Surveying Exam results yesterday (I took the test June 18th) and found out I passed. This was my 4th attempt. What hurt me on the previous tests was the time. This go around I skipped what I didn't know and came back to it. I actually had time to answer all the questions. I...
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    Mono stringer staircase problem

    *** the video just loaded so that answers my questions: where is the movement? in the tread, the top flange, or beam twist @ the stringer? or all three? is the movement so great that is makes it feel unstable? I would expect some movement or shake. I would add a web stiffener on each side...
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    Looking for "game day" ideas and advice for Civil PE...

    I didn’t drink any coffee cause I didn’t want to get gitters or use bathroom mid morning. So I ate chocolate for the caffeine and I didn’t want to get a headache. Worked for me
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    Hudson, NY - Design Criteria

    Hi, I have a potential client in Hudson NY that wants to put a new structure on their property. The local code official is out of the office (until next Monday) and there is no one to answer the following. I believe COVID has them backed up as well. Here is the info I need: Wind Speed...
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    Hello...First Time Post...

    Hi I am Kevin Cieslukowski...I am a PE (Civil/Structural) in NY State but just moved to San Diego, CA. Just passed the Seismic Exam. Working on Surveying.