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  1. cdcengineer

    Buying Furniture

    Well, it's about time we upgrade the living room upholstered furniture and got a new dining set. Does anyone here have any opinions on upholstered furniture quality? I'm not looking for the top of line, as I'm not sure with a 4 year old that would be a wise investment. But I also don;t want...
  2. cdcengineer

    MEP Electrical Fees

    I'd like to poll the group what MEP design fees we're seeing. More specifically, electrical fees on resort mixed use commercial / residential buildings. While employed at past employers, I have seen fees on larger projects calculated as a percentage of total construction costs, or % of...
  3. cdcengineer

    Virginia proposes printing it's own currency

    Nothing surprises me anymore
  4. cdcengineer

    The Hunting Thread

    Any EB members out there into hunting? Let's hear about it. Post stories, humor, etc. We may want to leave out the gory photos for our non-hunting friends here. My season started today, but it was pretty hot out for the elk. Saw a 1/2 dozens doe, but no bucks. I love getting into the woods...
  5. cdcengineer


    Has anyone refinanced lately to take advantage of the low rates? We did a HARP no cost refi at WF bank last year and I'm considering doing another refi. You can only refi at no cost once per HARP (which allows no income verification, limited paperwork, no appraisal, etc.). Since I will have...
  6. cdcengineer

    Best Doggie Brush

    We've got a border collie who is shedding more this summer than ever. I need to get a new brush and want to get some opinions. She has a mixed long coat (her mom was a long coat and dad a short hair). I would consider her hair long. I use a slicker very successfully, but they fill up with...
  7. cdcengineer

    2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    B's just won it in OT. Wow on the edge of my seat in a scoreless tie thru 3 periods. Any other hockey fan out there? Bring out the excitement.
  8. cdcengineer

    Doggie Dentist

    Dog has a cracked tooth and the dentist wants $1500 to extract over $2k ti try and save it. I laughed at that price to pull a tooth. We'll have to shop around. I would love to try and save the tooth and that might be worth $1500, but it's the big carnassial premolar up top and it's a bad...
  9. cdcengineer

    IPS Community

    What does IPS stand for? What happened to
  10. cdcengineer

    Crazy Job

    Check this out. Wait for the cartoon to end and then WOW!
  11. cdcengineer

    Free Books

    Free to anyone - old text books. Pay media mail for one box and they are yours. 16 & 32 Microprocessors Avtar Singh & walter Triebel Land of Idols, Political Mythology in America - Michael Parenti Resolving 3rd World Conflict - Sheryl Brown & Kimber Schraub The role of the...
  12. cdcengineer

    Economics Question

    Anyone wanna try this? A rental company owns (218) condo units which are fully occupied at rent = $940/ month. The company estimates that for every $25 increase in rent, (5) condo units will become vacant. What rent shall be charged which will result in the maximum income per month? I got...
  13. cdcengineer

    Toyota 4Runner Price

    Anyone here recently purchased a 4runner SR5 4x4? I'm trying to figure out the best possible price. is helpful, but first hand advice is best. Thx
  14. cdcengineer

    Now what do you think?

    For all the newbies that were flipping out waiting on results (which came at a record pace this test cycle), now how important does all that belly-aching seem? Are any states still waiting?
  15. cdcengineer

    Where's "Shoot the Breeze" & "Rant Room"

    What happened to the Fun Forums? No more Shooting the Breeze? Never mind, I didn't realize I was logged out and couldn't see them...
  16. cdcengineer

    Ground Mount PV System Grounding

    Anyone have a clear understanding of how to apply the NEC requirements of article 690.45 thru 690.47? We have a ground mount 112kW grid-tied PV array which consists of (10) rack mounted strings. The strings are (12) 235w panels, mounted (4) strings per rack. So essentially, we have 48 panels...
  17. cdcengineer

    Luminaires connected to ducts - Intersting

    Here's a new one for me... Strange new electrical installations are springing up here in Colorado. The legalization of medical marijuana facilities has ignited a market for electrical installations in these establishments. Most, if not all AHJ's/building dept's. are requiring electrical...
  18. cdcengineer


    Anyone know where we can verify what states accept reciprocity from which states?
  19. cdcengineer

    Sign & Seal

    Do some states require that you sign over the PE stamp or seal and also date it? Anyone know about Colorado requirements? I don't remember anyone dating the signature on plans for any firms I've worked for.. Thanks
  20. cdcengineer

    Bizness Card Initials

    I recentyl upgraded my business cards to indicate the PE. But I've been a master electrician for years. Just wondering if anyone had any input on whether it's worth noting the Electrical lic on the card? I had a co-worker years ago who put P.E., M.E. on his card. I think this is misleading...