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    Can anyone recommend a book or other educational resource on investing? Low level. Like this is what small cap stocks mean and this is what mid cap stocks mean. And this is when you want to invest more in this one compared to the other. Currently my investment strategy is "buy stock in depressed...
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    MIcrosoft Excel

    Does anyone have a MS Excel online class they can recommend? I downright suck at it and have been able to scrape buy with a meager (slow) understanding of it. I prefer something online and don't mind having to pay.  Or even if you haven't taken the class a reference to an online training entity...
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    Job Search Resources

    Are there Engineering specific options are out there for job searches? I have a solid LinkedIn page, Indeed seems to be the best search tool and I frequent companies websites that I know I am interested in. I'm not getting what I want from these resources. Basically I know I want my next job to...
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    NCEES Record- How does this work?

    Looking for actual experience from the people that have made a NCEES Record and the people that have approved others experience. I'm trying to understand this on a step by step basis, feel free to add extra or additional info. Obviously, I am looking for the "current" system, and recognize that...
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    Want to buy- PMP Exam Prep Books

    If anyone is looking to get rid of their PMP Exam Prep books please shoot me a PM. In particular I am looking for Mulcahy's 9th Edition and Crowe's 6th Edition. Others would be considered. Apologies if I am supposed to put this in the Yard Sale sub-forum. That one is full of PE Specific and I...
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    PE Civil and Construction Depth Exam Prep and Reference Materials

    Basically everything you will need to take the Construction Exam. Everything is new or very close to new. No rips/tears or writing in the pages. Some of this stuff hasn't even been opened, or maybe was opened once on test day. All Editions/years should be listed but they were the current...
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    Why does Construction have a low pass rate?

    Any theories? 59% Pass Rate for first time takers, I think only Mining and Mineral Processing at 57% was lower.
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    How did you process PE Questions?

    This is a complicated question- basically I am trying to get a bead on how to read/process the PE Questions. Everything I have heard/read on this board is that the test tries to confuse you and if you aren't paying attention they will get you with simple answers. So I'm working though the...
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    Construction Exam Reference Materials

    If anyone wants to unload their reference materials I will buy them. I am looking for the following: ASCE 37- Design Loads on Structures During Construction, 2014 NDS- National Design Specification for Wood Construction, 2012 CMWB- Standard Practice for Bracing Masonry Walls Under...