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    I Passed PE Mechanical TFS 1st Try! Here’s my Story

    Congratulations, you earned it. 30 years after graduating in a different discipline. I took my test on July 5 last year, had trouble sleeping the night before for some reason. After the test, I felt the same way “I bombed it. Or maybe I passed i…No I’ll have to take it again..” Just glad I...
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    How to read the diagnostic results? CBT PE WRE

    Here's how I would do it. Find out how many you got right in each area. To do this, multiply the number of items by the performance divided by 15, and add them together. 4+3+4*.69+6*.34+7*.51+7*.38+8*.51+4*.63+5*.58+6*.49+7*.47+9*.52=38.44 Add up the total number of items: 70 Now divide: 38.44 /...
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    Help for a Non-Traditional PE to Gain Licensure

    From the Arizona statute: 32-122.01. Qualifications for professional registration A. An applicant for professional registration as an architect, engineer, geologist or landscape architect shall: 1. Be actively engaged in education or experience, or both, in the profession for which registration...
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    Virginia PE Requirements

    You need to pass the FE exam, among other things, before you are eligible to sit for the PE exam.
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    Passed the PE? How dd you do it?

    What calculator, rayuribe? Extra props if you used the only calculator TI recalled
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    Passed the PE? How dd you do it?

    TI 36x Pro Used table function to approximate, used exponential regression, reviewed previous calcs for accuracy. Set up problems with fractions to see the inch-ft-yard conversions in-place. Solver works great. Don't handicap yourself with a cheap calc.
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    New Member; Old Engineer

    Congratulations on getting your RE (Retired Engineer) license. Not sure if I'll ever get that one. Hope you can avoid the DE (Deceased Engineer) license for a while.
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    How many times can you ask your employer to pay for your PE exam and study materials?

    Usually once, if you're lucky it's pass or fail; if not lucky it's only if you pass. If it's pass or fail, and you fail, and get another job, then the next employer may pay for another attempt. In any case, I don't know of any employer who will pay for you to take the same exam more than once.
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    Journey to acquire a PE License

    The best thing is to become an Engineer Intern:
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    New member EIT

    bramsey, it's called decoupling. About half of the states decoupled the exam from experience. I highly recommend Maine. No board approval, and you can take the PE exam in any state. You need to have an NCEES Record with college transcripts showing you graduated, and an EIT certificate. After...
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    Virginia PE Requirements

    Maybe taking the FE exam will help you decide.
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    Questions on Requirements For PE and SE Exams

    When you meet Mass. experience requirements, you should be able to apply to take the PE exam. Once approved, send them your Maine test result. That's how it works in Pennsylvania, it should be the same everywhere since the test is the same everywhere. It could save you continuing education and...
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    Questions on Requirements For PE and SE Exams

    No experience required to take the FE. PE experience depends on the state. I'm not in a state that has SE, but I imagine PE would be required. Look into Maine for the FE. No board approval required, and you can take the test remotely in any state.
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    Horizontal Curves - PT

    Great video. I just hope they figured it out sooner than 17 years.
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    PE Seal & Stamp

    From the statute, "The seal shall be of a design similar to those shown below and shall bear at minimum those elements specified above." Taken literally, this means it shall have a bear. A bare stamp is just not good enough. PE Stamps sells the bear. California Professional Engineer Stamp | PE...
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    New Jersey PE Renewal Process - CPC Audit

    PA is the same. Use the NCEES to track CPC CPC Tracking | NCEES Very handy for tracking multiple states with different requirements and expiration dates. You upload certificates and NCEES sends them to the boards for free if necessary.
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    Doing an MSEE without BSEE?

    Not sure what state he is from, but Pennsylvania requires an undergraduate engineering curriculum at a college or university in the United States that was substantially equivalent to an ABET-accredited curriculum. Not sure if a computer science? major is substantially equivalent. The original...
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    PE Licensing by endorsement in New York State

    All of the horror stories you heard are true.
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    Doing an MSEE without BSEE?

    You need the ABET/EAC accredited BSEE degree.
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    Can I give exam in one state and apply for license from another state

    For 1, Yes in most cases. Some states have a residency requirement, so obviously it won't work in that case. Definitely check with the state board. For 2, Texas requires a Texas EIT certificate. Use the NCEES record. Send SC results to NCEES, then from there send it to Texas.