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    Is it still possible for me?

    It's totally doable if it's something you want. I went back to school at 26. I was working in Mortgage at the time and quite my job to bartend so I could work nights. One thing about starting a program in your mid twenties or later is that your maturity level is hopefully going to prevent you...
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    Free Book Give Away!

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    October 2020 Exams

    I've decided to opt out on taking the fall exam. My team and I have some pretty major milestones to meet this year on our project and my daughter is starting kindergarten. Virtual school is going to be very interesting. And besides that I don't think I can take another cancellation blow. I think...
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    NCEES Power PE Handbook Released for Upcoming CBT Exam - Thoughts?

    My first thought......Did they really sum my whole career up into an 81 page document 🤣
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    Pencil/Paper vs CBT

    I'm a multiple time test taker. I've been trying to pass the Electrical Power PE for a while now. The Power PE is going to CBT Jan 2021. I really wanted to pass this test by using all the references I have accumulated over the years. This Oct. is the last time that pencil and paper will be...
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    When to take? Oct 18 vs Apr 19?

    Hey, I'm just over here snooping from the electrical power group. We are moving to CBT in January. I was studying for pencil/paper exam that was supposed to happen back in April. Then it was cancelled. I'm a multiple PE exam taker so I'm trying to decide if I want to try again this Oct. before...
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    Official Transition of PE Power Exam to CBT (Computer Based Test) in 2021

    That's a great question. Hopefully some of those who have taken the CBT can chime in.  Even though you can't take those references with you they are still going to prove useful. If these are the only two books you have so far you need to look into purchasing/renting other resources. I didn't...
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    October 2020 Exams

    NCEES announced that beginning Jan. 2021 electrical power would convert to CBT. So it looks like my fate has been determined. I'll be taking it this October. I really want to pass this thing with all by references that I've purchased over the years,
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    October 2020 Exams

    I'm pretty gun shy right now. No clue what I'm going to do. I know I need to start studying but I'm still pretty butt hurt over what happened in March. I have a stack of references beside my bed that I keep telling myself I'm going to pick up and start reading but I never actually make it...
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    Game Plan for Oct 20'

    Now that everyone has had time to process what happened on Friday has anybody come up with a game plan for how to move forward for Oct. 2020 exam? Are you going to take a couple months off or keep going but at a slower pace? There were a couple reference books that I was going to have a hard...
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    IEEE Reference Books for PE Power - is it necessary to get the latest editions/years of each?

    I have that one as well. I used it for a project a few years ago so I just stuck it in my binder with 497/499 and 30B. I haven't needed to use it yet but it's there if I do.
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    What would be real disastrous for me would be if they sent us all home to work AND daycare closed!!! 
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    Not sure about Civil/Structural. For electrical the main code book (NEC) we have to bring was update for 2020 so I think NCEES will start using that version in 2021. I could be wrong though. 
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    April Exams are CANCELED

    Definitely not! I've failed several times now. I'm with you on this one! I'm pissed! But I'll get over it and I'll get back to it so I'm ready for October.
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    How is this their fault? It completely blows but it's probably the right thing to do. Directives are coming down from state levels. My job is about to send everyone home and we'll work from home until we hear otherwise.  I doubt NCEES wants to refund all of that money!
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    The email that I got said to give them (NCEES) some time to work everything out before contacting them or your state board.
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    Definitely going to take a break and get back to doing some a the things I enjoy, then when I mentally get over this I will get back to it but at a slower pace.  I took a vacation day today to study and do some things around the house. I think I'm just going to walk to the bar now. I think I...
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    ALL THE BAD WORDS!!!!!!!
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    SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😭
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    Yeah postponing out for another month wouldn't be horrible.  I just don't want to wait until Oct.