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    Passed the PE Civil: Transportation CBT Exam on the 1st attempt without prior experience in Trans. Eng and Without taking a Course – Here’s my advice.

    Thank you so much! For the codes, how were they presented on the exam? Were they one pdf you searched through or were any of them split up and you had to know which section to pull up?
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    Codes for PE Civil Transportation

    Hi everyone, I am planning on taking the PE Civil Transportation exam in 2023 and I have heard it is very code heavy. I was wondering if anyone could tell me 1. How are the codes shown on the exam? I know they are going to be searchable PDFs but I have heard some of them are split into...
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    PE Civil CBT Exam

    Thank you Abe, this is excellent information!!
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    PE Civil CBT Exam

    Hi everyone! I am interested in taking the PE Civil exam and I know it recently went CBT/closed book and I have a few questions for those who have taken it. Which depth would you recommend to take (which is easiest, most useful, etc. based on your experience)? Also, how should I start studying...